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21, Seeking Advice on First Cycle

I’m 21 years old, 6’3 160lbs. I have a pretty solid background in training, been lifting since 16. Shot up from a scrawny 140lb 6’0 16 year old and got up to 180 right around 19. College then started and I fell off hard, didn’t workout much and lost all my gains. Ive now started again and I’m at 160, although I don’t look as skinny as it sounds. I have a little bit of my strength back, around 60% I’d say. Strangely enough I feel like I look bigger and more defined than ever before, but I’m 20 lbs lighter than my max weight. I have a good diet (to lazy to do my macros, but I eat a high protein, clean diet). I was thinking of running a 10 week 500mg /w test cyp cycle. I’d have adex on hand for any symptoms that may occur and run nolva 40/40/20/20 as my PCT two weeks after my final pin. I’ve been torn between whether or not HCG is necessary. Since it’s my first cycle I was leaning towards not including it (the fewer injections the better IMO) but I wanted to know what you guys think. The cycle would look like this…

Week 1-10/ 250mg cyp Mon/Thur
Week 1-10/ 0.25 adex e3d (can add more if symptoms occur)
Week 12-13/ nolva 40 everyday
Week 14-15/ nolva 20 everyday

Not sure where to add the HCG if I end up including it. I was also thinking about including a gear support but not sure which one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for all the help!

Dude You REALLY need to wait. I was 21 when I bought my first cycle of sust 250. Then I jumped on steroid.com forum [when it was real] and I learned a massive amount and waited 3 years and I’m glad I did. The 2 reasons are 1 your endocrine system is still developing so you can just piss your natty Test away if you cycle too early. 2 You are 6’3 and 140lbs…even if you had 1 testicle you already have plenty of Test to pack on 30 lbs with diet and training.

Nope… Don’t do it… Plus you are too lazy to track your diet… Just take the gear and flush it down the toilet. You need time and research.

160 not 140, but I get the point. I know I have a lot of natty potential left it just pisses me off thinking where I would be had I not fell off those 9 or so months during my freshman and sophomore years so I was looking for something to give me that boost. If it’s not safe I’m not gonna do it, you don’t have to worry about that. I just see so many mixed responses so I thought hey why not see what people say for my case specifically. Thanks for responding.

there is nothing more specific we need to know than ‘6’3 160’. One could argue that I started without maximizing my natural potential, and I started at a very lean 5’11 185. You’re in a ridiculous position to use steroids. Really hope you don’t. Don’t worry about having lost 9 months of training or whatever nonsense you’re concerned about. That just means that if you work hard for the next 9 months you’ll be where you would have been at that point, right? 9 months is NOTHING. Don’t be so short sighted. That will get you nowhere in life.

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In the same comment you quoted I said I would not be using, and if it were only 9 months I wouldn’t be so concerned. It’s was nine months BOTH my freshman and sophomore year, so 18 months combined. During the school year I don’t think I worked out more than 10 times, idk what happened because for the previous 3 years of my life I was so driven and motivated but once college started I got lazy. I’m hoping to rebuild a strong foundation and cycle in a few years.

9 or 18 months, doesn’t make a real difference. amounts to the same thing in the big picture.

I’m curious, do you actually realize how significantly underweight you are? Even when you were 180, you had to have been very small at your height. You would have gotten very similar responses to what you’re getting now if you were as much as 190. Just trying to make sure you get some perspective here. You could literally put on 30 solid pounds and not be in a position where cycling makes sense.

I’m nowhere near “significantly underweight”. You saying that makes me question whether or not you even know what you’re talking about. I have a BMI of 20 which is completely normal. Maybe in terms of a bodybuilder I’m underweight but by no means is it significant, and compared to everyday people I’m at a healthy, normal weight. Also, I already said I’m not cycling, so I don’t know why you continue to say all these things about my size, we’ve already established I’m not ready for a cycle. Do you find pleasure belittling anonymous people on the internet? Just curious, maybe all the juice is getting to you.

why would i compare you to normal everyday people when the discussion is in the steroid section of a lifting site? yes, of course I’m applying a different measuring stick here than I would to ‘regular people’. If an untrained dude asked me ‘hey I’m 6’3, 160 lbs, am I at a healthy weight?’ I would be able to answer ‘yea that’s probably fine’.

I know you said you’re not going to cycle now. You also indicated that you want to in a few years, and based on what you said, I think that will still be too soon. If you balloon up 30 lbs in the next, say, 3 years, you likely won’t be ready UNLESS you’re incredibly lean at that weight. Just throwing it out for the future for you, and I’m also putting up information that I think can be useful for anyone else reading this thread. This site gets a lot of traffic, and I know people follow what I say on here, so I try to answer people specifically and also make general suggestions. In this case, I made a general comment regarding height/weight vs when someone should consider steroids. But yes, I can readily acknowledge that you have said at least twice in this thread it’s off the table for you at this point.

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Bro you really need to look outside of freaking SCHOOL and this short term outlook, If you can’t overcome 9 months off training just stop right now you’ll never hack it. I was in a wheel chair 7 months ago.

You need to look at the next 25 years and picture where you want to be as far as strength training. 3 months can mess all that up. If you want to waste money on something bad for your health but might get you layed…Just spend your money on a crack whore.

My .02- eat more man. Eat more meats and veggies. Hell break down and eat more starches and a fucking donut or two. And workout hard. Harder than you have been. Go to the gym and find someone that will push you to get past any hangup you are at. And then go eat more. Find good rest. You are at an age when your natural state is going to allow you to grow like crazy. Get some whey, get some creatine, not the crazy new shit, just some good ole monohydrate… get a routine of chugging 30 g protein 10 min after you wake up. Eat a big ass bfast… like way big. Go workout. Drink 60g protein. Eat all day. If you get hungry, you fucked up…get me? Then drink 30g protein(caseinate) in the damn bed before you sleep. You will gain. Promise. You will gain quicker than I do. I’m 36yr old and im 6’3" and ive been 173lb. I was skin and freaking bones dude. Now I’m 232 and still feel too skinny. Bmi is bullshit. Especially in a bodybuilding forum haha! Get your weight up natty like flipcollar was say I g. Get your diet right get your rhythm right for a workout routine. And in a few years, your body may be ready for some gear.

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I’m sorry to hear about the wheelchair, but respect to you for not giving up. As far as me, I’m not defeated by my weight loss, if anything it lit a fire under my ass. I was just looking for a quick and easy way to get back to where I was but I now see it’s not the best option and I’m not ready. I’ve seen INSANE size, definition and vascularirty results recently, but haven’t seen my weight shoot up except maybe 2 or 3 lbs. This doesn’t make much sense to me but everyone can see my body, only I can see the scale, so I’m okay with it for now. I’m gonna take everyone’s advice and put my money into to food and protein, and also protect my body later on. Also, I got a good laugh out of the crack whore joke, so thanks for that.

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I would really try experimenting with diff diets and find 1 that works. Another thing that wont harm your HTPA is just getting into a PWO or better…If you spend $80 on Glutamine, Argmantine, Arganine, Citrilline, Tyrosien, of course Creatine. If you max dose in those before every WO and find a diet that fuels your muscles you’ll see way more gaine than on gear. Most pros natty or juiced will agree about a hierarchy for success
1 Diet, 2 Training, 3Nutrition/supplements not found high amounts in food,4 sleep/rest, 5 gear. So this can show you what to get tuned before you work to the next thing.

Dude you’re 6 3 160!?!?!?!? Wtf you must be walking around looking like a holocaust victim or something. I swear if you could just consume 200 grams of protein a day for 3 months you can put on 20 pounds of weight, probably 65 percent muscle. If you take steroids you’ll put on 30 pounds, 50 percent muscle and you’ll never be able to grow past 200 without relying on steroids. And that’s small at 6 3 it honestly is. If you can get up to 200, then consider A AS. you have no idea how to train or eat.