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21 s

My trainer had me do a bicep routine last night that had me groaning.

With a moderate weight on a bar. I did 3 sets of standing curls which consisted of:

7 reps from the bottom up to mid range.
7 reps from the top down to mid-range
7 reps full range.

This was followed up with 3 sets of dumbell curls.

Any one had good results from this or something similar?

I overheard someone talking about these ten years ago, but I misinterpreted what he said and accidentally started doing them my own way. I go halfway up, two thirds and then full, which counts as one, and repeat it seven times to get to 21. I throw these in at the end of a curling session sometimes. I’ve always loved them.

We used to do that for football.

I had not seen any results from it (not a fan of bicep workouts so that might be my problem) but I know some people who did.

just my 2 cents.


Ahhnold did. He had success with everything, though. Genetics and steroids will do that for you.

This has been around forever.

I’ve seen those done A LOT at my gym, and have done them myself. I can’t say for growth though, because I never eat to grow. However, I prefer strick form Zottman’s FAR MORE than 21’s.

Ian King uses them in some of his programs. I think for shoulders also. They sure burn…

Ian King does use them in his programs and he uses them for many body parts depending on goals. Mind you, he only does this in phases and then changes to a different type of loading.

I’ve incorporated them into my training when I switch to high rep to give my joints a break. Good burn.

What do you mean by ‘good results’?

Nothing wrong with this routine. It shocks the body part into growth if you are not used to them. This is what my program for my legs called “Crazy Eights” does.

Anything that pushes you, and that changes the norm, can have a positive effect on growth and developement!

Thanks guys.

Thunder, adding an inch to each arm would be a good result. Ha!

Staring my third year of consistent gym time. Still looking for those 18" guns.

I love 21’s as they are a good way to shock the system. I usually do them when I feel that my normal workout has hit a stopping point. I also like doing 21’s while doing skull crushers.