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21 Phily Priests Suspended


Published March 08, 2011
The Archdiocese of Philadelphia suspended 21 priests on Tuesday after they were named in a grand jury report released last month that alleged sexual abuse.

Cardinal Justin Rigali, the archbishop of Philadelphia, said the priests have been removed from ministry while their cases are reviewed.

'These have been difficult weeks since the release of the Grand Jury Report: difficult most of all for victims of sexual abuse, but also for all Catholics and for everyone in our community,' said Rigali, according to MyFoxPhilly.com.

The grand jury investigation spanned two years and resulted in charges against two priests, a former priest and a Catholic school teacher.

They stand accused of raping young boys, reported the Associated Press. A former high-ranking church official was also accused of transferring problem priests to new parishes without warning anyone of prior sex-abuse complaints.

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia currently has 482 active priests.

'I wish to express again my sorrow for the sexual abuse of minors committed by any members of the Church, especially clergy,' said Rigali. 'I am truly sorry for the harm done to the victims of sexual abuse, as well as to the members of our community who suffer as a result of this great evil and crime.'

Same fucking story, different town, different day.
When is this shit going to end? How long have they been cleaning house?
Is the job ever going to get done or are we going to be reading about this crap for another 15 years? I have three honest questions:
1) How can anyone with any conscience allow their KIDS within 100' of these guys?
2) How can anyone with any conscience ask their KIDS to respect them?
3) How is it that this church still has parishioners and is still in operation?

I mean if this keeps happening, wouldn't it be the parents fault at this point?


The forum catholics must be in hiding today. That's understandable.

So I learned something interesting about this case today.
Why did the Philadelphia Archdioceses suddenly cough up 21 priests?

Could be because for the first time since this whole scandal broke in the US......a Philadelphia church MANAGER has been brought up on criminal charges for endangering the welfare of children by knowingly allowing priests who have had credible accusations against them to continue to have access to kids. Apparently, from a legal stand-point, this opens up an area of vast exposure to the church that was not open before.


So fucked up. If Catholics are right and their omnipotent God is watching over them, that he would allow a child to be raped by a member His Church's clergy is proof enough that He is a real grade-A piece of shit.

He interferes in our affairs right? He sent a flood to exterminate our race because we were bad, right? He let Satan interfere in Job's life right? Isn't this evil enough to warrant some interference--some fucking smiting?

Put it this way: if I were sitting somewhere and a few feet away from me some guy was about to buttrape a child, and the guy was infinitely weak compared to me so that I could stop him with essentially no effort on my part, and I just sat there and watched the scumbag have his way, why would anyone ever believe in me/trust in me again. Because I wanted to let the scumbag have free will? Because the free will of a rapist is more important than a child's well-being? Fine, let the scumbag's free will be. Just straight up murder the motherfucker before he does the deed.

Shit like this proves it: if there is an omniscient, omnipotent being interested in human affairs, He is a real fucking douche.


'Asking for prayers is fine. Asking victims, witnesses and whistle blowers to call police is better,' said Peter Isely, of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP). An obvious understatement, right?

Let's elaborate.....

Unacceptable Responses (by themselves): Offering prayers, asking forgiveness, sharing sorrows (gotta love THAT fucking phrase), offering apologies, presenting special masses, hiring attorneys, offering free counseling (but pass the basket), presenting excuses, ignoring the issue, not getting involved, turning a blind eye, waiting for the whole embarrassing thing to blow over, etc.

Much better responses: Call the cops, call 911, call an attorney general, call parents, watch your kids and your friends kids, REMOVE YOUR KIDS. Stop blaming the church and whining about how this if affecting faith and image, and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

If this happens to ONE more kid, in this day and age, responsibility rests squarely on the parents / guardians / parishioners. Shame on anyone for spinelessly blaming a corrupt church.
It's like saying boo-boo, that drug dealer offered my kid drugs!


Who the fuck are you all to judge? These men are self evidently men of GOD! They are only the way they are because god made them in that image, in his all knowing all benevolent ways. Don't ask questions, you'll fuck up your blind faith in god and he'll send you straight to hell!!!


That abomination in Rome has been bringing reproach and dishonor on the name of the risen Christ for centuries and centuries. I have steadfastly resisted using this issue as a weapon in my arsenal against her because I thought it cheap and something of a low blow as the theology of that church and the walking deadness of her members provided plenty of evidence of her anti Christian nature without resorting to playing the pedo/cover up card. I was even hesitant to chime in on this one, but I really believe God is in the process of bringing low and exposing that assembly line of sin for what it is.

I was willing for a long time to allow that this was being blown out of proportion by the media who hates the gospel and by attacking Rome believed they were attacking Christ. After all every church is going to have horrifically bad specimens including mine so I thought it unfair to beat up on the vatican on that score when there was an endless storehouse of other areas that testified against her already.

However, I'm beginning to think that we haven't heard the half of this. More and more and more. All over the world and the same exact script.
What the Pope Knew CNN Investigation. I still haven't investigated all this as it's CNN. Take it for what it's worth. As much as I abhor the Catholic church I do not want this issue to be as bad as it looks like it's going to end up being.


I think it is clear now that Catholicism is a danger for our kids!

Did not Jesus himself say : Let the children come to me?

Bomb the Vatican!


Why does God allow ANY evil? That's been the mega-question for eons.
Seems to me these are some options:
(1) God doesn't see evil because It's omnipresent and only knows It's own wonderful self
(2) God doesn't care. God doesn't judge.
(3) God see it, but wants us to fix it


Some people have religious belief structures with very deep roots.
Can you imagine being a catholic that's stuck between this rock and a hard place?


Not for me or another true worshiper of His. Once you know who and what He actually is along with who and what you are as well, the idea of an almighty God purposing evil to His own purpose and glory simply follows.

The Westminster divines got it exactly right.: OF PROVIDENCE

That's the actual biblical view and those who believe it have no real struggle with theodicy.


Meaning.....He allows evil because it makes Him look good?
Like the Light would be nothing without the Darkness.
And creepy evil people just bring out the most good in others.
Sounds a little yin-yangy to me.


There were some really sad examples in that CNN Investigation. Boys School for the Deaf? Right when you think they don't make them any lower....we hear about something lower. Anyway, we really didn't need CNN to let us know that the Catholic Church harbors pedophiles and covers it up. Everyone already knows that. It's a fact that has been established ad nauseam.

Everyone should just STOP pretending to be shocked / surprised / disappointed.
STOP waiting for the C.C. to right itself...who knows how long THAT will take?
STOP blaming them for being who and what they are. Accept it and keep your KIDS away!
No kids? No pedophilia. Problem solved.


This is totally unrelated, but did the video stream alright? I had to migrate all my web resources onto one machine and I'm wondering how it's running to the outside world.


I've been there so I can vividly imagine the massive internal struggle... It's not fun...


Wow, great way to not make a grade A straw man argument. Do you even know what we say about our own G-d? This is the simplest answer of all the answers to answer.

Why did G-d allow this to happen? G-d allows such evils to happen for the greater good.


Wow, I see who the real Christians are, and I just see those who are Protestants, Protestants against Christ and his Bride. Defectors and liberals all of you. And, Tirib I knew you couldn't resist throwing your stone, I guess you have stopped sinning, now? Going to go stand next to Mary and in the sinless section, are you?

Is the hurting of an innocent child okay? No, is it ever okay? No, should Catholics accept it? No, ever? Never!

If you look at the history of the world, the Catholic Church has done nothing the world has not done, when children were abused, it was covered up and hidden. Most of the world does this, no one put it into the front page. Now, it has came about, it has come public, WHICH IS GOOD! As, the Holy Father, B16, has done made it policy and Canon law, that if child abuse is found, superiors are to report it TO THE POLICE. However, studies still show that the Catholic Church out of ALL religions, even yours Tirib, and yours Sweet Revenge, has the lowest percent of abuses and pedophiles.

Is that an excuse or an argument for priests being pedophiles and being around children, no. Do we have bad people in our institute, just like the rest of them? Yes, you want to take down the Catholic Church. Go ahead, take our money, take our Churches, sue us, that is fine. I don't blame you, I don't care for and tolerate those that hurt others, either. I tell you what though, they Catholic Church ain't going no where, and to pretend that all Priests are like this, then you're just plain blind and dumb. Go somewhere else and spill your drivel.

And, as well, we're the only institution in the world that has the moral code (not that the individual members may follow it, but we have it) to protect the world's dignity and freedom, and we're about the only institution that at the end of the day can be looked at for guidance in matters of conservatism and morals. Who helped prosecute the Nazi's? Who gave Europe and most of the West their laws in which they are not destroying?

Oh @ Sweet Revenge, the reason why there were no Catholics on Wednesday, is because it was Ash Wednesday, not that we're hiding. Trust me, we're not scared of scandal and we're definitely not scared of you, we've been doing this for 2000 years, and we still haven't brought down our own Church and we're on the inside you want a pick and hammer and go at it from the outside, give it a try!

Just remember SR, Our first loyalty is to the Lord, not a forum. And, just in case you don't know what Ash Wednesday is, it's when we humble ourselves, take upon our foreheads an ashen cross to show the world WE ARE SINNERS and without the mercy of the Lord there is NO salvation. And we're told and tell ourselves, "Remember that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return" (in Latin for myself).

So, please go ahead and help the Catholic Church clean up her mess, embarrass us, do the work of G-d, it will only help us purify our congregation and get the pedophile priests that the baptized faithful despise away from the children.

But, please...don't act like you're going to take us down, do not attack the Pope, and do not make fallacious arguments. In the end it'll only make you feel small and silly for saying such horse shit.

And, remember we knew we were sinners and needed mercy before you told us. :wink:


Ohhhh you are so deadly right about this my dear Christopher. If you need any help getting those feet outta yer mouth I will always be here my friend. I'll let somebody else handle the rest of this post.


Yeah so I've heard. Let me know how that goes.

Doesn't change the fact that your God's owns priests rape children in alarmingly high numbers. Maybe people that are intellectually and spiritually bankrupt enough to devote their lives to a two-thousand year old fairy tale are also intellectually and spiritually bankrupt enough to touch kids' penises.


What's your point that the Church was made for sinners?

And, the Calvinist haven't done what the world does? Well go over to next to Mary and pick up your stone, Tirib. Keep rebelling against the Bride. It feels so good to make up your own truth?


Yes, there should be zero. But, just to prove your point. Why don't you show me some percentages on how much alarmingly high we are compared to other religions and as well to married fathers. Go on, show me. I think you might be surprised.