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21-Inch Arms Thread


well since we have an 18 and 19 i guess its fair i start a 21" arm thread?


You meant cm right?


wow, nice peak!!


Damn, did we skip the 20" arm thread?


Are you rippin a fart or smilin in that picture?


Bustin a nut...


not really sure honestly!


Yeah, I've been doing drop sets and concentration curls.


I was just thinking we needed another arm thread. :wink:


try losing some fat and make a <20 thread, k?


You're a prick. He takes a picture of his arm and you can judge his BF off that? Please quit posting on this site.


This post was serious? He looks fat to you?

Why is it guys like this are never the ones who have any pics up or are always far from the size they are criticizing?


this is gonna be a short thread.


Thats crazy sick. Nice job.


so you call that contest shape?!?



What does your split look like? And what do you do on arms day? Also, how long have you been training?



small pic but you can see all my lard here


He needs to be in contest shape? Most of the measurements you even read about from pros are likely off season measurements. What exactly really is your problem?


Don't take it personally. They've been calling me "morbidly obese" for years on this site.


been training for close to 30 years...really nothing magical just many years of consistency, i have always believed time and consistency are teh biggest factors, all else more or less equals out