21 Day Fat Fast?

Okay, I’m planning on losing some fat during June. I’m thinking I’d like to do the Fat Fast but I’m worried about losing muscle.

I was thinking Hot-Rox and of some type of anabolic support, like Methoxy, but it’s not in the store these days. I’d like to buy Biotest since I’m getting all my info here…

Anyway, other than Hot-Rox and some LC Grow, does anyone have some tips? Fiber source? Anabolic support? Adding real food protein cheat meals?

I’ve got some pics up (see summer cutting advice) and am thinking maybe 10-15 lbs of fat would be a good goal.

Hey bud,

I am currently on fat fast (or at least fat fast with my twist). I am 3 weeks in and down about 12/13 pounds of fat (i would guess at 3/4 % fat) (shedding post Cancun ‘gains’). I could not be happier with it so far, once you get used to it I could go for months, and my shopping bills are way down :slight_smile:

Any way, after reading so much about M1t, I thought I would give it a try for cutting. On a small dose (5mg) a day (milk thistle too), it definatly gives loss of appetite (good side effect for me). I believe it has helped no end. I Have been running ECA/clen throughout as well. With lots of cardio (low intense and HIIT) will help. I used low dose of T3 throughout to help thyroid suppression (this is optional, personal choice)

Gym workouts have been good, strength has been consistent. Feeling strong and active (ECA before workouts and vitamin C). I have been using soluble psyllium husk for fiber. Have had some 5-HTP for appetite and mood. Make sure you have a good multivit too. Drinking lots of water is good also. Think it must be with losing fat, my muscles look bigger, go figure?

I am now at the stage of planning my return to normality, using Beradi?s info (issue 150), and a lot of previous posts. Keto diet (lose water), M1t (gain water) wonder what will happen when I come off both?

Because of the high drop out rate (and taking two steps backwards), if you are not steel willed. I can be very awkward in social situation (dates/family occasion etc), then again no more than some looks in the gym I get when trying some of the moves off t-mag. A more moderate diet (cf. T-dawg) as most will advocate may be the best move in this case.

Hope at least some of this has helped, good luck


I’d say short, low rep work outs, along the line of a 5x5. Keep the cardio to low intensity, one, cause it hits plasma fatty acid better, and two, HIIT will suck big time. It’s near impossible to do on fat fast. 30-60 min at 40=60% Heart rate will work good.

As far as legal anabolic support, Mag10 might assist. Psyllium Husk can be used for fiber. Anything that kills your appetite will probably help you out as well. This could be ECA or just a lot of caffeine from black coffee.

Thanks for the input guys!

Okay, so this is a work in progress, but here’s where I seem to be going at the moment:

  • LEF divided doses multivitamins.
  • Tubs of flax oil.
  • LC Grow.
  • HotRox.
  • Psyllium husks and/or Metamucil.
  • Steak, ground beef, tuna

I’m not sure if I can find any prohormones up here at all, so I was thinking of Methoxy (methoxyflavone), which I have seen from Canadian distributors.

I do plan on dropping volume and intensity on the workout and taking it easy on cardio as well.

Will the methoxy and HotRox cut it, or will I have to dig up something beefier for this plan? I could throw in some trib or something if that would help…