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21-Day Fast for Church


My church is doing a 21-day fast for us to focus on our faith and connect with God. We aren’t forced to do it, of course, but I have chosen a liquid-only fast.

During the fast I will do Starting Strength and basketball twice a week each. I’m using a starting point of 135 for squat, 95 for OHP, and 225 for bench and DL (maxes are 500, 245, 525, and 405…going light for speed of workout and to be safe while fasting). I will use Plazma on lifting days and Gatorade on basketball days. Outside of lifting and basketball, I will have coffee with heavy cream and fish oil in the morning, BCAA’s and fish oil during the day, and Metabolic Drive at night.

Day 1:
Morning coffee, fish oil
BCAA mid-morning w/ creatine
Lunch training: Squat 5x5 135, OHP 5x5 135, DL 3x5 225 w/ 1 scoop Plazma 2 scoops BCAA, 1 scoop creatine.
PWO Metabolic Drive
Dinner BCAA
Fogot to take my protein home, so I had about 5 glasses of water from 5 - 11.


Day 2: Holy diarrhea

Morning coffee
BCAA with creatine
Lunch basketball with Gatorade and BCAA
Dinner MD

Will add fiber tomorrow.


BCAA all day after morning coffee. No training and took the wife shopping for the new house. Added fiber and that seems to help.

Morning coffee
BCAA and a Muscle Milk. I have a basketball game tonight and I’m a little worried how I will feel. I’m thinking I will start Gatorade earlier than I did the other day.