21 And Trying to Gain and Lose

This is me so far, been working pretty hard and have been eating a lot better for a couple of months.

i now eat a lot more protein and know more about nutrition. any advice would be great.


I am 5’11" and 194lbs.
I eat around my bodyweight in grams of protein daily and always eat about 6 meals spread out.
My liftin routine is
mon- chest
tues- back
weds- shoulders
thurs- off/run
fri- bis/tris
sat- legs
sun- off/run

Lookin’ good bro i think your on the right path.

I would suggest better lighting, the shadowing the second picture leads me to think you might wan’t to make sure you get a little more rear delt and lateral delt work in. Do you military press much?

Also hard to decide on your chest because your leaning forward and the lighting could be better.

But looks like your setting yourself up for the next big shift in body composition if you can fine tune your diet, cardio, and workout ~ There are a lot of possibilities. I’d be excited in your position :slight_smile:

  • so straight up un flexed picture, front, back, side. then you can also include better lit flexed pics.

ill throw a couple more pics on here. Thanks for the replies so far.

Stop trying to “lose” or cut you’ve got nothing to lose

eat more, but not much more

quit the split routine and move to 3x a week whole body

buy starting strength and practical programming and follow them for ONE YEAR before stuffing around with splits


i have been lifting weights since i was 17 but had to stop for a while because of surgery on my left shoulder in jan 2006. i have been lifting seriously again for about a year

Wow, those two sets of pictures don’t look like the same person (not accusing you of lying or anything). Maybe the angle on the first set, particularly the first picture, is really good and makes you look A LOT bigger. Or maybe the third pic is a really bad angle or something. Not really sure.

I am by no means an expert, but I would balance out your workouts. 4 upper body versus 1 lower body is unbalanced.

I want to start this off by saying I don’t mean to be offensive…

Your training routine seems like something you might see from an advanced bodybuilder, but it seems pretty clear that you aren’t advanced.

In my opinion, you need to hit each muscle group 2 or 3 times a week.

My recommendations would be to use a total body training routine 3 times a week, or an upper/lower split 4 something along these lines:

M: Upper
T: Lower
TH: Upper
F: Lower

I know you probably want to get much bigger and get cut at the same time, but nature doesn’t like to play that way. To put on some mass without adding too much fat, try adding 200-300 calories to your diet each day. You are eating around 195g of protein per day… try upping that to make up the majority of those 200-300 calories.

If after two weeks, you haven’t gained anything, add another 200 calories.

Oh, and two more things…

  1. Work your lats. Pullups are your friend
  2. Your traps are looking good… keep it up

thanks for all the advice. i guess the upper pic does look a lot bigger, but when i flex i look a lot bigger and defined. It seems like more than i should

Arms look good, bring up the chest and delts. Keep working hard.

Thanks for all the input, i just switched to a 3 day split:
chest and back
shoulders and arms
legs. ill do that with one day rest between. I have added some more clean calories to my diet too.

the workout is this http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=07-029-training
3 day size split. we’ll see how it goes.

Has anyone tried this workout?

“…Particularly the first picture, is really good and makes you look A LOT bigger…”

Indeed. Here’s a short object lesson in the disparity between the two pictures.

“Most muscular” posing offers a handful of visual tricks.

  1. Shadows become dynamic – which means instead of changing the lights, you just lean over and back until you see the best definition. When posing for a mirror, watch as bodybuilders pick the sweet spot in whatever light they find themselves.

  2. Covering the abdominals. If you haven’t got them, just cover them up with both arms. The body stops at the pecs and resumes at the quads. A long-standing favorite of roundish, big guys. Bigger guys usually have strong forearms, so there’s another benefit.

  3. Foreshortening. This is an artistic means to lend depth to a two-dimensional field. Long people look shorter because they’re leaning into the camera. And shorter people look Herculean. Hence the bowing upper body and the drawing up of the arms. That which is shorter usually appears larger in circumference.

This is why women’s figure shots resist angles that lead to foreshortening. There, the goal is to elongate.

In no way am I suggesting any attempt to deceive in these pictures. Quite the opposite, I remind myself of these visual caveats when I just happen to look better at a certain angle. Most bodybuilding photos that go to publication are the best of tens and hundreds of photos that will never see the light of day.

I think to be 21 and look like that is a great thing, wherever you may choose to go.