21 and Low Libido, Is Estrogen to Blame?

I’m currently not on TRT but I didn’t know where to ask this. I’m sure some of you could help me.

I did blood tests for T and E.
T - 21.3 nmol/L
Estradiol - 39 pg/ml

I suffer from low libido and weak erections. Should I take Aromasin or other AI? I don’t know how to proceed. I doubt doctor will prescribe me anything considering it’s not THAT high.

Also I have a question about Aromasin. How long do you have to take it to lower E levels and after stopping will levels go back to being high again?

Looks like you are below mid range on T and have no listed free T. Your T probably needs to be higher not lower E

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We need more information, more labs including SHBG and Free T. If SHBG was high, Free T may be low even with elevated Total T.

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I currently can’t afford more tests unless doctor orders it.

On the blood test it says that normal T range is 5-26 nmol/L and mine is 21. That looks okay to me?

Google lists the range as 10-35

Would Aromasin or Clomid be helpful in this case to raise t and lower e?

I highly doubt E2 is the issue.


I understand but that kind of ties our hands and only allows for speculation. See if you can get the doctor to test the free portion of testosterone and not the bound portion of testosterone that isn’t useful to your body.


Unfortunately, you need additional blood work. On top of what you have:

free test
free T4
free T3

Would be nice to have:

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