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20yrs Old, Feel Like I'm Over 50 with All My Injuries


From age 13 I have been lifting extremely intensely and overtraining daily. I was addicted to weightlifting and would be in the gym for literally a minimum of 3 hours a day. My freshman year of college i injured my back but i continue to keep lifting and lifting heavy and not let it heal. I am now a junior with a terrible back and the simplest tasks can hurt it. I can even play basketball with my friends without my back spasming every time. I learned to deal and work around the back pain still making great gains.

My workouts were at an all time best. i was benching 345 for one, benching the 120s, shoulder pressing the 110s for four, hammer curling the 100s for four. Then i started to get really bad shoulder and elbow pain. My shoulder are so instable and pop in and out constanstly and my elbows hurt whenever lifting any weight. It has now been 3 months with no weightlfiting and im atrophing a lot and still no improvements in pain in my elbows. I am really scared for the future that i will never be able to lift weights again does anyone have any advice?


Get yourself to a PT asap and start working with him/her to fix your issues. You probably have a whole lot going on ie. impingements, imbalances, scarring, possibly tearing. You need a professional to help if its a bad as you say it is. Also you’re too young to not get fixed and have this screw you up in the long run.


im in the same boat. got quite a few niggles that just wont clear up no matter what. makes me wonder if i’ll be able to get to where i want to be with training when it feels like im falling apart.


A good PT will be able to help you. The keyword is good though. You may need to find specialists for your problem depending on how bad it is. Some PTs will be quite knowledgeable on a wide range of potential issues, which is great for fixing 90% of people. However if your problems are very specific and bad enough, you’re better off with the specialist who has been dedicated and focused on that problem/area.