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20Y/O, Rare Metabolic Disorder (PKU). Worth Using Anabolics?

Hi all.

I am a 20 year old male who has PKU. Phenylketonuria (commonly known as PKU) is an inherited disorder that increases the levels of a substance called phenylalanine in the blood. Phenylalanine is a building block of proteins that is obtained through the diet. It is found in all proteins and in some artificial sweeteners. If PKU is not treated, phenylalanine can build up to harmful levels in the body, causing intellectual disability and other serious health problems.

Summarized Protein could severely fuck me up. However I am Iucky enough to be medicated and keep my levels at a normal so I can eat whatever I want! The issue is, the side effects are still prevalent. Individuals with PKU often have reduced muscle mass. It is very difficult for me to build and maintain muscle. It was really upsetting in high school to be working out 6 days of the week, and not having a cheat meal in a year to see Minimal results. I can’t tell you how angering it is to have a guy start at the gym 3 months ago and have his lifts blow your lifts out of the water lmao.

I am currently a first responder, and plan on doing so the rest of my life. It is the only
Thing that gives me a sense purpose. I know without anabolics I wouldn’t be able
To perform/serve to the best of my ability. And may even have problems passing some
Of the required test. I have done 1 anabolic cycle with test and dbol in which I did see some improvement. Anabolic don’t make me feel “like I’m on steroids”.
They make me Feel normal.
Many anabolics actually IMPROVE my condition due to the increase of protein synthesis. I am currently 180, 9 percent BF.

Now the bad stuff… almost every male
In my family (on both sides) have heart disease and have died from it. My dad has had 3 heart attacks. (His first one at the ripe old age of 38). So I’m pretty muched doomed to a early grave if I pursue a life of AAS. :slight_smile:

My question to you guys is…do you think it’s worth it? At the end of the day I understand I’ll have to answer this question for my self but it’s good to get some input. I’m especially interested in those opinions who have lived a long life while on AAS.

Thanks guys.

This isn’t applicable to your situation. Those individuals probably had families with good heart genetics.

If it is me, and I had your family’s genetics, I probably wouldn’t use.

There was a pro strongman named Jon Pall Sigmarson who had a family with bad heart genetics. His father and brother died pretty young. He died very young in his mid 30s. I believe he would have made it longer without the steroids.

It’s applicable in the sense of how it’s effected a normal healthy person. Thus I can assume
To expect worse.

But yeah I definitely see what your saying. Thanks for the reply.

I wasn’t trying to be too harsh. I do think you should be extra careful.

Can you get some imaging done to see if you have the same genetic issue? It would be smart to do regardless.

How much anabolics are you taking, to get the effect you desire? If its TRT dose then that’s probably manageable with as few risks as you are going to have. Dr’s supervision with your condition.

When it comes down to it quality of life is more important, than longevity, especially with a chronic or congenital condition.

the first cycle i did was 400mg of test a week (12 weeks, and pct). and some bunk dbol.
thats a good idea…i might attempted to try a trt dose to see how it works. and yes im under doctor supervision.