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20lbs of Hollywood Muscle Results

I’m a 47 year old ecto hardgainer with 30 years gym experience and have been following your 12 week programme outlined in the roundtable discussion 20 Pounds of Hollywood Muscle for the past 10 weeks with absolutely unprecedented results from it.

But while the programme ends next week I don’t want my hard-earned gains to do so as well: Could I continue making great gains by starting the programme over again for another 12 weeks?


I’m midway through Week 8 of the program and am also having epic results. It’s the first time I’ve done a dedicated BB program and it’s been nice to really look forward to training every day (well, leg day, not so much …)

My plan is to do this program once a year, maybe every spring, to keep/extend the upper body composition gains. Afterwards, something that emphasizes the lower body a bit more for awhile (I’m looking at a twice a week Basic GBC type program) is what I’m planning right now.

what is the link for this workout ? i want to look at it ? please if possible, thanks

It’s from an article called 20 pounds oh hollywood muscle.

That’s actually a version an entire series CT did called HSS-100. Those who liked it may check that one out too.

I just checked the article. It has a “link” but you cant click on it.
Can you post it please mate?

can you post link please?

Someone copied and pasted it here

thanks mate

I’ve posted the program as I understand it in my log since the original link seems broken.

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