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20K Calorie Cheat Day


Video speaks for itself. Pretty insane if you ask me.

Just want to know under what circumstance can this be beneficial? I am currently eating +1000 cals on my chest day (lagging muscle) and I am seeing some great results. This guy seems to load most of his cals with sugar and want to know if this could help in any way since I've always read and stuck to clean whole foods for all my sources of nutrition besides post workout. Thanks!



Ummm, yeah....don't follow this example.


Not saying I would as I can barely fit 4500cals a day. Just interested as to when this would be beneficial.


It actually didn't look that bad. That doesn't look anywhere near 20K Calories. He could probably eat a lot more if he stayed away from the dairy.

I probably eat the same amount of food when I skipload, mostly processed foods, but it's low fat. He'll gain 5-7 pounds, but it will be gone within a few days.


Yea I wasn't too sure about 20K either but its still seemed like over 10K which is still a massive amount even for a guy of his size.

Also I'm interested to hear that you mentioned skip loading. I could've sworn I read that this practice was only used around contest preps. This guy mentions he's in the off season and tones it down during prep. Just wanted to know if you skipload during your off season as well and what benefits do you see during this protocol. Thanks for the input honestly!


the top comment on the vid

"I tracked everything you ate with online calorie counters "rounding up as well" it came out to be around 18,000 calories´╗┐"


I don't compete, but I began skiploading during a 50 lb cut, w/ 45g C on workout days and 30 on off days, so pretty low carb (though, not keto). One of the main reasons it's used around contests is because it provides predictability on how you handle carbs, water retention, etc. to optimize blowing your muscles up w/out looking soft.

I've gone into more detail elsewhere on here, but here's the quick pros/cons:
-It's awesome to eat a bunch of junk food, esp. when you have a sweet tooth
-Knowledge of how you handle carbs
-The bloat is gone in 2-4 days and it revs the metabolism
-Adjustable (frequency and duration)
-Good way to start an eat more/exercise more cycle

-Can be addictive (I'd be thinking about it days in advance)
-Easy to overdo, you only have a limited amount of time to get in the goods
-After the first hour, you don't really want any more sweets
-You sweat a lot, metabolism is raised, so body temp increases + south florida + summer + no AC = sweat
-I often needed to sleep for a couple hours after
-Cramps from high carbs w/ no water (you can pack in A LOT more w/ out drinking)
-Limitations: no water, dairy, HFCS, and low fat leaves you a lot less options than you think

I'm also not sure if similar results would come from a clean carb loading day.

I'm currently trying to balance it with reverse dieting by loading and increasing my daily calories once I come back down from the load, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult (thus, probably unnecessary). I did a 6 hour load about a week ago and still haven't come down. I was planning on loading until I avged 100g C/day, but I might have to cut it out sooner... though, I'm going to try just shortening the duration.


Can you post/pm link with the more detailed version? Really interested and want to save you the questions man. Appreciate it.


That video gave me diabetes...


Google skiploading. It has been around for almost a decade now and there is a lot of great information on it available online. You can also contact Skip Hill directly (or hire him) if you're interested. I know several people who have used this with great success. Non competitors but still very good results!