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205 Pound 1-Arm Overhead Squat


I know it is not olympic lifting or even something that any of you guys would do, but I started doing them recently and I think they are pretty cool. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ch3nAiX8hQ&feature=channel_video_title


Really impressive man!

lol love the kick at the first go! But man thats very impressive!



Okay, I have to try some of these now....


Not trying to offend anyone here, but I stopped the video after he went berzerk after the miss.

I hate this kind of videos: 3 minute videos with only 20 seconds of action, the other 2 minute 40 secs. basically include close-ups of the plates to show off, weird concentration rituals, giving the finger, yelling and other such crap.

I am not impressed with this type of thing and I agree that this is one of the main reasons why Asian countries are most often superior to the USA in weightlifting competitions, they know what genuine focus is.

(my opinion)


Going to have to disagree with you, sir. You clearly haven't watched any weightlifting youtube videos at all and seen the plethora of comments about the viewers doubting the weight on the bar and trying to disprove the poster's claims through lack of evidence. This short (20s) portion of the clip was just to cast aside any doubt that the viewer may have of the weight being less than actually stated.

By including a failed attempt, he shows you that a 205 lb one handed overhead squat clearly isn't an easy thing to do (like what all of the Chinese lifting videos make weightlifting out to be). It takes grace and poise to show your failed attempts to the world. Just look at Koing's videos. Furthermore, there's nothing wrong with showing emotion or "weird concentration rituals". That's how people get pumped up. All he did was kick the bar. He didn't flick off the camera, he didn't swear and he didn't make any obscene gestures that you seem to have been so taken aback by.

Your response really had no grounds and I'm led to believe that you just felt like going off on a rant for no reason. Take that bull shit elsewhere.


alright that shit is bananas but i just have to ask whats the point of this excersise? genuine question, practical application???


it'd be cooler if you could snatch it up there instead of needing to use the power-rack. but i guess if you snatched it up there squatting it up again would seem rather pointless.


When I first saw a picture of "bent press", I thought they snatched the weight from the floor. It turned out to be not so.

Great lift dude, it reminds me of one handed lifts strongmen/weightlifters used to do.


You forgot to wear your hipster glassess during the attempt =p


It may help my snatch, (probably not) or it may just be for the pure sake of doing it. What is the practical application of any movement, just getting stronger, faster, and better I guess.


thats great...until ur arm snaps and u break smthing


lol... thats some crazy shit.

and whats up with asian countries being better than americans because they don't post videos like this??? what are you talking about


Pretty cool man. How did you go about working up to that? (Did you start with dumbbells and move to the barbell, etc)


That's crazy impressive. Not sure I could do that with an empty bar without getting dumped on my ass. Props man.


Hilariously awesome


Thanks guys!


You're a beast! I can't OH squat 205 with two hands..


Not everyone know's how to edit videos or has the time.

I usually skip to the action as I'm at work :stuck_out_tongue: but whatever man, I don't care what the person does, goes mental etc it's funny and it's good to see people passionate about training. As long as they don't get injured it's cool man. I know that I don't kick weights as the weights harder then my foot :P.

As for the screaming and shouting, whatever man. Dude can do what he wants as I know I give it some myself :smiley:

It's a strength feat.

I've only seen about 3 video of guys Sn that sort of weight with one arm! Crazy!



you're right, he should probably quit lifting weights in case he gets injured. Add padding to his walls and then never leave the house.

Impressive lift even if it has no "application". If you are having fun then who gives a f@ck


That is some great core strength you have there!

Take a look at this one, for an even more unbelievable feat of strength: