2024 Presidential Candidate Talk

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We were driving the original thread way off track, can we discuss presidential candidates here instead? We’ve got some time before the next election cycle; lets rep the people we like, throw poo at those we don’t, then threaten to cecede when our candidate doesn’t win!


I don’t know enough about that specific situation to comment. I don’t follow Texas politics very much at all except for what a childhood friend of mine posts about his Democrat party activism in the Austin area.

Somehow you guys ended up with a woke 41-year-old Hoosier trying to turn Texas blue. Be nice to him, he means well.


I will say that the idea that Abbott is trying to please the left is a bit ludicrous to me.

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Agreed. Leftists LOVE killing babies! (sarcasm, kinda)

To get the ball rolling:

Ron DeSantis
Tulsi Gabbard

everyone in the current administration


DeSantis/Crenshaw would be my dream ticket.

Thomas Sowell is too old and deserves to do whatever he wants at age 91. It’s amazing that’ he’s 12 years older than Joe Biden and still very much with us, having recently published yet another book.

Regardless of who the candidates end up being, 2024 will be a total shit-show. I do not predict this to be the moment where American media begin doing their jobs like adults.


One thing I particularly like about Gabbard is that her opinions are not set in stone forever and ever. I’ve always found it to be concerning when we call out politicians, on either side, for ‘flip flopping’. That was a big thing in presidential debates 10-20 years ago, and it always bothered me. I don’t want a politician to stick to a bad opinion just because it’s the first one they had. I appreciate that her political stances have evolved over time, and that she supports things that she seems to actually believe in. The fact that she’s willing to change her mind on issues is a positive in my book, and I think it’s essential to getting our country back on track, for more politicians to have a similar mindset.


Not in Texas where Abbott reigns. He has no national ambitions at all. He was primaried this year, btw.

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Agreed. However, I think a lot of the reasoning most candidates don’t change their tune is because voters want to know what they’re voting for, not who their voting for. It implies that you have to lay your trust in a politician, which is categorically a bad move.
Ironically, trusting a politician will implement policy because their opinions never change is what the people have seemed to want.

I trust Tulsi’s motives and I trust her brand, both because they come off as genuine. If her opinions change about something (as all people’s should as they age), she has a good reason for the change.

No way does Tulsi Gabbard win the Democratic Primary. Even if she did, she’d get Bernie’d with some superdelegates or a few boxes of unfolded mail-in ballots found in the dead of the night.

I could potentially see her as a VP pick, playing something of a crossover role to appeal to conservatives. She’s also likely to strongly appeal to people with Tulsi and 2jar Forever tattoos, Tulsi fan fiction writers and owners of Tulsi-themed boat modifications.

Mayor Pete would ironically be one of the safer picks if he had stayed in the closet, but then he’d be an obscure mayor at best, not a nationally-known politician in the Biden Cabinet. He’s smart and has a good Hoosier demeanor that’s a product of a good Hoosier Catholic upbringing much like my own, but he’s never won any elections as a gay man. I don’t think his first will be for President.

I predict a complete train wreck of a Democratic candidate, much like Biden in 2020.


See, that’s why I’m hoping for a DeSantis primary with Tulsi as VP.

Admittedly, I have a crush on Tulsi as well. Her Rogue look just does it for me, idk. :man_shrugging:

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I’m feeling a little selfish about DeSantis. I want him for another term here.

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IMO, Nikki Haley is the best woman candidate.

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Haley/Tulsi is the dream ticket.

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Smart idea, though I don’t have clue who will be running in '24, except Trump, probably. Biden is unlikely, Kamala… LOL!, Clinton (kill me), who else?

Tulsi I could get behind. Haley, meh…

I don’t really know why he’s not doing anything about the immigration problem, I suspect it’s fear of the left. Maybe he just doesn’t care. But I think he’s plum useless.

He sent a bunch of state troopers and national guard down there and they were miserable. To the point the NG was trying to unionize. If the state troopers catch them, they are sent to jail for trespassing. There isn’t a whole hell of a lot more he can do. It has to be addressed from the federal level.

She might, be careful!

Desantis even if he wins his second term as governor…that will be his last term

Tulsi Gabbard as she has more balls than the rinos…only disappointed that she supported biden last election

Kristi Noem

If only there was some sort of, like, barrier or something. Similar to a fence, but bigger?