2022 Mr. Olympia Thread

Getting close to that time again, so might as well start a thread for discussion, predictions, and updates from competitors.

The list of qualified competitors…

A really stacked line-up. The top ten is going to be really competitive this year.


The Champ, 6.5 weeks out.


Nick Walker, 6 weeks out.


I’m rooting for Hollingshead to get a top 10 placing at least. I thought he deserved the Arnold win over the other competitors but that’s just my opinion.


Those quad holes are getting worse.


Hunter Labrada.

Looks like Yates in this one.

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Updated competitor list. Since Theo Leguerrier has qualified with a win, Steve Kuclo is qualified in points, but has said he isn’t doing the Olympia.

Nathan De Asha is also out with a bicep tear.


Nick is just gross and unpleasing to the eye. I hope he never wins anything. Ramy looking like a bovine.


I will agree with this comment ONLY concerning his calf veins.

Samson Dauda.


Behrooz Tabani Abar Ghani qualifies by winning the Romania Muscle Fest Pro. He beat Brett Wilkins for this qualifying spot.

Edit: This was the last Olympia qualifier for 2022, so we now have a complete competitor list.

Shaun Clarida is doing 212 instead of open.

Hunter Labrada update.

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Really hoping Samson comes in with good conditioning, he has added great size this year.

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Hunter 2 weeks out.

While I don’t follow bodybuilding anymore as I think it’s gone completely downhill, I predict Ramy won’t do well (or as well as he hopes). His waist still looks a little blocky compared to his competitors. I do, however, admire the man’s work ethic.

The varicose veins on Walker look…kinda gross too…eh, just my opinion.

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Iain 2 weeks out.

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