2022 Mr. Olympia Thread

Getting close to that time again, so might as well start a thread for discussion, predictions, and updates from competitors.

The list of qualified competitors…

A really stacked line-up. The top ten is going to be really competitive this year.


The Champ, 6.5 weeks out.


Nick Walker, 6 weeks out.


I’m rooting for Hollingshead to get a top 10 placing at least. I thought he deserved the Arnold win over the other competitors but that’s just my opinion.


Those quad holes are getting worse.


Hunter Labrada.

Looks like Yates in this one.

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Updated competitor list. Since Theo Leguerrier has qualified with a win, Steve Kuclo is qualified in points, but has said he isn’t doing the Olympia.

Nathan De Asha is also out with a bicep tear.


Nick is just gross and unpleasing to the eye. I hope he never wins anything. Ramy looking like a bovine.

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I will agree with this comment ONLY concerning his calf veins.

Samson Dauda.

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Behrooz Tabani Abar Ghani qualifies by winning the Romania Muscle Fest Pro. He beat Brett Wilkins for this qualifying spot.

Edit: This was the last Olympia qualifier for 2022, so we now have a complete competitor list.

Shaun Clarida is doing 212 instead of open.

Hunter Labrada update.

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Really hoping Samson comes in with good conditioning, he has added great size this year.

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Hunter 2 weeks out.

While I don’t follow bodybuilding anymore as I think it’s gone completely downhill, I predict Ramy won’t do well (or as well as he hopes). His waist still looks a little blocky compared to his competitors. I do, however, admire the man’s work ethic.

The varicose veins on Walker look…kinda gross too…eh, just my opinion.

Iain 2 weeks out.