2022 Arnold Classic And Other Contests Thread

2022 Arnold Classic Results

  1. Brandon Curry $130,000
  2. William Bonac $75,000
  3. Steve Kuclo $50,000
  4. Samson Dauda $30,000
  5. Justin Rodriguez $15,000
  6. Brett Wilkin $10,000


Top six.
Bonac really pushed Brandon here. Wilkins had a lot of hype coming in, but looked a bit off. Samson Dauda is extremely impressive, most asthetic guy onstage and great conditioning.



I think Samson looked great and probably deserved top 3.

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Extremely sharp.

As for the top 2, take your pick.

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Yer both look crazy, I think Curry has a more pleasing shape but looked a little smoother, that could just be photos or even the amount of oil. Either way these 2 were hard to beat for sure.

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Actually Samson was third on the second day @simo74

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Shame he couldn’t hold it though the posedown. Good to see him coming on looking sharp and getting recognition.

Samson sharpened up for the night show, while Justin smoothed out (dropping from 3rd to 5th). You could definitely make a case for Samson in third.

Totally agree, he has a great shape and has packed on some muscle over the last year but still kept the symmetry.

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2022 Boston Pro Final Results

Men’s Open Bodybuilding

  1. William Bonac
  2. Justin Rodriguez
  3. Steve Kucklo
  4. Samson Dauda
  5. Maxx Charles

Top 4. Bonac deserved the win, but Justin really pushed him.

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2022 Arnold South America Results
Men’s Open

  1. Rafael BrandΓ£o – R$50,000 ($10,055 USD)
  2. Vitor Hugo Boff – R$20,000 ($4,022 USD)
  3. Thiago Lens Adao – R$10,000 ($2,011 USD)
  4. William Martins
  5. Emir Omeragic
  6. Alan Ramino Bonadiman
  7. Marcelo Pedro da Cruz
  8. Jefferson Santos
  9. Eduardo Rodriguez
  10. Iman Rezari

Brandao really the only β€˜name’ bodybuilder here.

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Also, South African bodybuilder Sibusiso Kotelo was disqualified due to turning up late to prejudging (communication problems due to language barrier), but later guest posed at the show.
From the way he looked, he probably could have challenged Brandao for first place.


Indy Pro 2022 Results

  • Winner β€” Blessing Awodibu
  • Second Place β€” Charles Griffen
  • Third Place β€” Maxx Charles
  • Fourth Place β€” Justin Rodriguez
  • Fifth Place β€” Brent Swanson
  • Sixth Place β€” Dorian Haywood
  • Seventh Place β€” Walter Martin
  • Eighth Place β€” Slavoj Bednar
  • Ninth Place β€” Ross Flanigan
  • Tenth Place β€” Ray Short

A surprising result, with Blessing making big improvements to qualify for the Olympia. Favorite Justin Rodriguez slips to 4th.

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Top 2.




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Packing serious amounts of muscle but lacking in symmetry for me.

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2022 New York Pro Results.

  • Winner β€” Blessing Awodibu
  • Second Place β€” Andrea Presti
  • Third Place β€” Maxx Charles
  • Fourth Place β€” Theo Leguerrier
  • Fifth Place β€” Justin Rodriguez

Blessing makes it two in a row.

Top 4.

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2022 California State Pro Results

  • Winner β€” Charles Griffen
  • Second β€” Mohamed Shaaban
  • Third β€” Tonio Burton
  • Fourth β€” Andrea Muzi
  • Fifth β€” Petar Klancir
  • Sixth Place β€” Maxx Charles
  • Seventh Place β€” Andrea Presti
  • Eighth Place β€” Theo Leguerrier
  • Ninth Place β€” Christopher Robinson
  • Tenth Place β€” Douglas Fruchey