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2021 Mr Olympia Prediction And Discussion Thread

Getting close to that time…

2021 Mr. Olympia Qualified Competitors list:

  • Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay (Egypt)
  • Brandon Curry (USA)
  • Hadi Choopan (Iran)
  • William Bonac (Netherlands)
  • Akim Williams (USA)
  • Iain Valliere (Canada)
  • Hunter Labrada (USA)
  • Justin Rodriguez (USA)
  • Nathan De Asha (UK)
  • Regan Grimes (Canada)
  • James Hollingshead (UK)
  • Patrick Moore (USA)
  • Andrea Presti (Italy)
  • Nicholas Walker (USA)
  • Roelly Winklaar (Curacao)
  • Hassan Mostafa (Egypt) **
  • Mohamed Shaaban (Egypt) **

** Qualified via points

Hopefully everyone travelling to compete will make it on time, don’t want a repeat of Bonac’s Arnold experience.

I would say the top 5 would be Ramy, Hadi, Nick, Brandon, and Bonac.


Although not a contender, the amount of stage weight grimes has put on in 1 year is wild

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Whoever wins, I will be there to witness


Nathan De Asha just won Arnold UK, doesn’t leave him much time to travel to the US for the Olympia. Wonder if he intends to compete?

What are the chances Hunter Labrada gets into Top 5?

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About as high as me placing top 5.

Top 6 is a possibility, depending on how guys like Valliere, Rodriguez, and Hollingshead look.

Looks like it’s between Rami and Brandon.

1st Callout

  • Nick Walker
  • William Bonac
  • Hadi Choopan
  • Hunter Labrada
  • Brandon Curry
  • Big Ramy

This will probably be the top six.

Looks like the winner is gonna be a Curry or Ramy

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Haven’t seen all the poses or that great photos but I think Brandon looks on. His upper body probably looks a bit ahead of Ramy’s but Ramy’s legs are crazy. All depends on what Ramy brings tomorrow IMO. Last year he really got the second night right, if he does it again he wins IMO, if not Brandon a chance.


Saw Ronnie Coleman in a wheel chair, such a shame
Shawn Ray and Kevin Levrone looked healthy

Powerlifting and strongman at the expo was fun to watch

The Ms Olympia winner was amazing…I was like holy shit look at the size of her arms

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Why is Hunter in the top 6? His back is so narrow and not much detail on it either. Guys like Justin Rodriguez or Akim Williams have better packages.

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I would say, considering judging bodybuilding is subjective, there might be some subconscious bias hoping that Hunter can follow in his father’s footsteps.

That said, I’d like to see the variation of placement Hunter receives. Isn’t the head judge that makes the first callout, or do the judges have some discussion before making that first callout?

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Ramy looks huge…but the videos are so, shall I say “not sharp”? Hard to really assess just how good the fellas are. I’ve heard youtubers and bloggers indicating the video just doesn’t do the athletes justice…being there to really see the shape these guys are in is the only way to really tell.

That being said, from pics and videos available that I have seen, Ramy looks huge but definitely NOT as sharp as last year. Then again…I actually think he looks better as I am more of an overall size and shape versus razor cuts. Not that I don’t like the cuts, but I don’t think conditioning wins over size and shape (not saying the winner should have NO conditioning mind you).

Brandon…now I am surprised as his improvements. To me his physique is what I personally think is Mr. Olympia. Size, shape, condition…sometimes a person’s genetic gifts just gives too much of an advantage. My opinion of course.

Hadi needs to be in the picture. I wanted to see the final 3 to be Ramy, Brandon, and Hadi. I think if they did that, Hadi’s conditioning and shape would have provided yet another option for the judges.

Exciting, exciting competition for sure!!!

Going in favorite though for me was Hollingshead. I LOVE his training style and personality.

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Looking at higher quality pictures, I’d say he is the second best conditioned guy up there. Hadi is the most conditioned, he is shredded to the bone and so much more so than the others that he should have been compared to first a bit more.

What’s happened to Bonac? Really off.

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Whole bunch of guys looking shredded.

Brandon and Ramy. It looks like it will be close.

Ramy again.

Hadi really sharp, probably his best conditioning ever.

Hunter. May be top 5.

Bonac. Maybe not as sharp as last year.

Big Nick.

The pictures must be way better than video because although Hunter is doing better than I thought he would, he looks the least conditioned to me. No separation.

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From the pics on this thread Hadi is the clear winner in my opinion. Outstanding sharpness!

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I just can’t look at his lower legs… Narly AF

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Tough gig being a smaller guy… Loads of muscle and shredded

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