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2020 - Trump Ain't Playing Games



  1. Trump is out-raising and is out-organizing the fractured DEMS by huge amounts. It is also causing the DEMS to “re-think” the idea of no Big-Money-PAC money.

It may sound good in theory to take only money from small donors…but it cost money to run an effective campaign; the kind of money that only Corporations and Big-Donors have.

  1. Don’t think that it is “either/or” with Trump’s organizing…a lot is “grass roots” and the man is putting “boots-on-the-Ground”.



Is Trump out-raising all of the Democrats put together, or just each of them individually?

Because if any of the 20 or so Democrats were independently outraising the only Republican that’s seriously in the race, that would be something. Otherwise, it’s sort of expected.

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Good question.

Take out Sanders…and he is outraising them all put together.

And yes…a sitting President will in most cases have the advantage in both fund-raising and in having the large “Bully Pulpit” that the Presidency affords.

(Side note. There are some DEMS (like Harris and Booker) who realize that Corporate, PAC and Big-money donations are necessary in order to run an effective campaign).

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Once the Dems have it down to one candidate, I will donate. I am on the pretty much anyone but trump band wagon.

I suspect many will be in my boat. They care more about defeating trump, then getting their candidate in.

This is also why Clinton did so poorly. She was just as hated or more hated than trump.


I think this is only effective on his base though. I don’t think he has swayed many voters. His approval numbers support my claim. He is banded between high 30s and 45. He may be able sway a few that are already right of center, that are on the fence of his far right policies, but it will probably be a small percentage.

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May I ask why? What I ask my other Trump hating friends is, which part dont you like? The tax-lowering, the terrorist killing, the job creations, or the southern border wall?


My taxes went up, he hasn’t killed any terrorists, I doubt he created any jobs (but he sure has fired a lot of people) and fence repair is not a wall.


As far as the tax lowering, I would have preferred that the money be dispersed to people lower on the rungs. Also, I would prefer that the tax cuts for individuals didn’t expire, while the corporate tax cuts continue until the next tax legislation. I am also not a big fan of cutting taxes with a good economy. You want to save that for when you need it to spur growth. Now that card has been played when unnecessary, and puts us at risk of a longer recovery when the next recession hits.

I am unaware of higher than normal terrorist killings?

Job creations are more due to economy. Every president claims credit for a good economy, but has reasons why they are not responsible for a poor economy. Also, what direction was the market going when Trump took over? It was on an upward trajectory.

Southern border wall, is actually not his worst idea. He is just a jack ass about how he presents it.

I find him to be abrasive personally. He claims to have made so much money, but if one were to put daddy’s money in the S&P 500 fifty years ago, it would be worth more than he is. If you can’t beat stock market averages as a businessman in the long run, you are not very good at business, but he sure talks a big game.

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Many “Big” donors are saying the same thing.

This seems to be peoples #1 complaint. Frankly, I’d rather have an asshole doing what is needed. The other options on the table are pretty much socialists and that is a terrible idea.

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This is also why harping on the “full” Mueller report is most likely a waste (in terms of who it will or will not sway…).

It won’t.

There seem to be two big “camps” at play now…Trump…and anybody BUT Trump…



Ease up there, @mnben87…!

Why is it a terrible idea? Just want to see your thinking. Some countries have been successful with socialist like governments see Scandinavia, and others have not been successful see Venezuela.

He asked. I figured I would answer. Sorry for the wall of text.

A Socialist Govt. is only as good as it’s leaders. once you get a crappy leader it does not take long to turn the lights out in a country (venezuela). atleast here in America, whether you think Trump is F’d up or not the mess can be cleaned up . more power to the people.


That was a GREAT synopsis of things!

I would argue that people from the past would say we are currently living in a socialist government.

The purest form of capitalism I can think of is Somalia. No government intervention, regulations, no wealth distribution. In contrast to that, we are in a socialist government.

I agree with your statement.