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2020 Training Log - Multi-Ply

Starting back posting my training logs to log my remaining meet prep training leading up to my meet on October 17th.
I’m at 191 pounds and will be competing in Multi-ply.
I’m using boss briefs and boss suit for squats.
Inzer 2 ply SDP bench shirt for bench.
Inzer 2 ply loose leviathan for deadlifts.


Dynamic Effort Bench Day 9/1/2020
6 Weeks Out

Speed Bench 135 with 80lb chains 9x3 alternating grips every 3 sets from close, medium, and pinky on ring.

Close grip bench to a 3 board 185 with 80lb chains 3x10

Incline Dumbbell Press 3x20

Barbell skull crushers 4x15

Chest supported row machine 3x15

Rear delt flys 3x20

Banded triceps push downs 4x25

Cable curls 3x20

Finished this workout in 55 minutes. I like to keep test periods short on speed days and just work on pumping the muscles as much as possible.
I used 45% bar weight on bench with 25% accommodating resistance. I will bump the bar weight to 50% next week.
Next workout is Thursday and will be a dynamic lower session.

Just got my new boss briefs in this morning, looking forward to your meet and log.

Awesome! Is this your first pair of boss briefs?

Dynamic Effort Lower
Thursday 9/3/2020

SSB speed squats with loose boss briefs - 315 5x5

Deadlift 315 + 160 lbs of chain 5x1, worked up to the top set by doing singles with 315 then added 2 chains per set.


/Stiff leg deadlift 225 3x8

SSB Goodmornings 225 3x8/

Underhanded lat pull downs 4x12

Workout took 50 minutes because I was in a rush but got everything I wanted done. Just worked straight weight squats because of the time crunch. If I get off of work early tomorrow then I will be putting my bench shirt on with a plan to go to a 1 board.

Yes, I was exclusively metal the past 2-3 years.

Max Effort Bench
9/4/20 Friday 6 weeks and 1 day out

Shirted bench press
425x1 to 3 board
455x1 to 2 board
475 2x1 to 1 board

This was all I did on Friday. My goal was to hit my opener to a 1 board for multiple sets… I did that and it moved like butter so it was definitely a confidence booster. The training session was late in the day and I was worn out from work so just to a hour in the shirt and went to the house. I will work my bench accessories Monday since I’m off of work for the holiday.

Next up on Sunday is our biggest squat session of the cycle. It’s reverse mini band competition squat with full gear. My goal is to hit my opener of 650 and 2nd attempt of 700 and to make them look easy to build some confidence leading into the meet.

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I have worn metal, inzer, Crain, frantz, and titan. The titan boss briefs are by far my favorite. Gives you so much pop it’s insane. Let me know how it goes on your first run with them!

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Max Effort Lower
Sunday 9/6/20 5 weeks 6 days out

Squats with reverse mini band - used bulldog squat bar and full competition gear.
Bar x 5
445x1 briefs on
625x1 suit on straps down
675x1 straps up
715x1 straps up
We squat in a group of about 8 guys and most are getting ready for the same meet so this took us about a hour and half to squat and I was completely worn out and was out of time so I had to rush through some accessories.

Banded good mornings with heavy blue band 3x20
Straight arm lat pull downs 3x12
Lat pull down 3x12
Banded hamstring curl 3x20

I hit all the numbers that I wanted today and built a ton of confidence. Monday will be an upper body accessory day with no benching because my bicep tendon is completely fried.


I used them for block pulls last night… probably won’t do that again lol.

I’m wearing a 48 but it’s got too much material above the hips, so might drop to a 46 and stretch out the legs a bit.

Looking forward to squats in it just hoping it doesn’t mess with depth.

If they are tight then they definitely will make it harder to hit depth but seems like you are an experienced geared lifter so you will be fine. Let me know how it goes!

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Yeah they aren’t tight just too much material bunches up right above the hips but we shall see.

I’ve decided to do a bench only meet the 17th, what meet are you doing?

will be following the log, keep up the great lifts!!!

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