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2020 Presidential Race


I’m not ready to give her that much credit, lol…


Sooooo, I opened yahoo and the first thing I see is:


Must be a slow news day. What kind of idiot didn’t already know that?


I’d be down.


I owe $1800. Always broke about even in the past. The wife and I are solid middle class I suppose but it’s all relative.


That’s pretty short sighted though. Billionaires saw big breaks. Now they can put food on the table and get off food stamps.


Did the total amount of taxes you had to pay go up? Kinda curious. I’m seeing a number of people I do taxes for go down, but a few I wouldn’t expect somehow saw a slight bump.


They went up a bit. My income was up slightly and we are usually pretty good at monitoring and adjusting our withholding to stay within $100-$200 either way.


If you keep grinding eventually you may be rich enough to see a real tax break.


I said the exact same thing.


lolz, @H_factor!


What was his line about killing commies? No chance, but I’d vote for him all day.


What are the odds that Trump could explain what the trail of tears is if his life depended on it?


“No president has ever worked harder on the trail of tears. We are going to build a huge trail with the best tears ever. A massive trail really massive. We will undo Obama’s work on the trail.”

Throw in some random capitalized letters and misspelled words of course.


Did I miss something? Was this mentioned earlier? I’m of the opinion he’d have little to no understanding of it, so I’m not “WHY’D YOU SAY THIS?!” haha just curious.


I think it has to do with a tweet from POTUS, in which he said the following.


Oh ok, I just hadn’t heard about that tweet…it’s pretty professional for a president to bring that up in that way. I do know what the Trail is though.


I just feel it’s a manufactured offense and a big jump to trail of tears. There are lots of trails.


Campaign trail is a common saying … it is absolutely strictly speculation and spin for them to jump to him referencing the Trail of Tears … that is indeed fake news


Quit being such a dunce. Trump put ‘Trail’ in all caps following talking about Native Americans.

In seriousness, I did lol that he ends the tweet calling her ‘Liz’.