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2020 Presidential Race


My monthly taxes went down $200/month and this year my return is bigger. Trump gets an A+ from me. :wink:


This isn’t how tax return season works for millions upon millions of people. You’re thinking like a middle class American instead of a dirt poor one

This isn’t how it works in practice for millions of people. Vast majority of my (and wife’s) family included


Oh right, sorry, I forgot people actually get money “back” that wasn’t theirs in the first place…


We owe like $800 bucks this year. Thanks, Trump!

Am I doing it right?


And it’s a number of people that obviously isn’t sustainable.

Whether or not it’s ‘fair’ in the end, Trump tax plan resulted in less net money in millions of peoples pockets come year end.

It also MASSIVELY disproportionately affects poor people. The rednecks are getting agitated over it. Agitated people rarely vote for the guy who took money out of their pocket


You’re not writing enough off your T-Shirt business.


AOC for President, I guess. Heaven forbid we reduce redistribution of other people’s money to non-taxpayers.


Given how laughable the GOP seems to be at combating her, I’d say that’s not unlikely.

But hey, at least they’re making memes about her…

It’s important to remember what the income distribution looks like. We’ve got a LOTTTTT of poor stupid folks.


She’s too young. She has to wait 6 more years.


In their defense, it’s hard to combat bat-shit lunacy. Not that I think they’re really “combating her”. As far as I can tell, most non-politicians are just mocking her and rightfully so.

I know. I doubt she knows, but I know.


Imo it’s the easiest thing to have to combat irt politics. Not sure if anything else even comes close.

Oh absolutely. But internet memes don’t do anything but boost her support. In the age of BullyTrump people seem to love sticking up for the person getting picked on for the wrong reasons.


I completely disagree. She’s the female Zep and so are the people that love her. Facts are irrelevant to her and them. You’ll never convince her to change her position, compromise, etc… because she’s a true believer, like Zep. Shit, they’re probably related. You can’t beat that. It’s like trying to beat a religious zealot. It’s impossible. I mean, I’ve practically DROWNED Zep with facts and he still won’t listen. Every time I see her I think of him.

She’s even said facts don’t matter as long as you’re “morally right”, which is ludicrous.

Meh, I doubt anyone’s supporting her now because some internet troll made a mean meme about her.


Happy to agree to disagree lol. She seems to really bother you

Right, because nobody has ever seen overwhelming support increases because a bunch of vocal people took pot shots instead of talking about reality.

Nevertheless, she persisted.


Ya, I don’t like stupid people especially ones that influence my life.


I agree with you re: AOC’s proposed, uh, “policies” and general attitude toward facts and hard things like governing a nation. I would not / will not vote for her in her current form.

I disagree with your take on her growing popularity & what the GOP response to her will do to her popularity. She’s the lefty troll that we’ve all asked for in response to righty trolls; weirdly, she’s like Trump in this regard. The same way Trump says crazy things that make his base happy because he’s “owned the libs” - she will say the inverse-crazy-shit because she knows the other side will lose it in response. Whatever the equivalent of “own the libs” is, she is tapping into that.


You’d think after an election where Trump was handed billions in free exposure, they’d learn to not do an even worse job with AOC.


Sounds like a republican from the Bible Belt.


We’ll see I guess. I suppose we’re just one step closer to President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.


Please don’t take my statement as condoning this behavior. Far from it.

I just think AOC is “shrewdly” (using that term loosely) tapping into the lefty equivalent of what Trump tapped into. Make wild statements and gesticulations. Don’t offer any real solutions, just chuck shit at the wall that makes for good sound bytes. Definitely do stuff that makes the other side mad - their reactions make them look like unhinged lunatics & embolden your supporters.



*Brought to you by Koch Industries, Inc you corporatist shill