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2020 Presidential Race


All gods are mythology

Lol equating him to a mythical god is equally silly. There’s really no way equating Trump to Zeus isn’t silly


Almost as silly as thinking the current crop of DEMS can defeat “MAGA-man…”

I stand by what I wrote about Trump.

Move on if it’s all silly…


LOL. Right. Because thinking Trump isn’t the single most powerful pol in American history is the same as equating him to a god.

Oh you’re free to think it (ofc), but I rather enjoy trolling silly people.

It’s just not normally you I’m taking pot shots at :wink:


I think @Mufasa is using reverse psychology. We both thought Trump had no chance last time and he won so if we think he’s unbeatable he’s bound to lose, right?


I sure hope so. Even the 4chan/Raj kinda guys aren’t equating Trump to a fuckin god.


Trump isn’t a god. He’s a symbol. As a symbol, he can be anything. He can be incorruptible, he can be everlasting.

Trump is Batman.


Oh god. Don’t you dare.

Shit on Zeus all you want. Batman’s off limits


Lol I’m being almost serious here. Notice you can’t really pin down why he has this kind of support? He’s whoever his fans need him to be. He’s the fucking Batman!


Said MUCH better than me, @dt79

(“or do” was added by me…)


He’s definitely the politician we deserve…


It’s a Christmas miracle!


My bet is on Bernie winning the primary. He has the stable support, and any further drop outs will likely go to him and not other candidates.

That’s the Trump model of winning a primary.


Shots officially fired!


At this point it is doubtful, @usmccds423… (IMO)


You mean the rip off of the far superior superhero, the Shadow?

Batman is on limits, god damn you.

Also, Daredevil would tune batman up like a violin.


I swear, you yanks make waaaaay better heroes than batman, yet you’re still obsessed with rich boy.

Late stage capitalism has stolen your identity and your souls.

Don’t @ me


It’s the concept of a hero that could catch a bullet any night on patrol and not be waking up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Plus he’s the Kung Fu iron Man for DC. Everybody loves Kung Fu iron Man.


My dude, you need some Shadow in your life.

Also, one of Daredevil’s main villains is a man who shoots guns with 100% accuracy. .

Batman’s is an angry toxic clown with a hot girlfriend.

Daredevil/The Shadow>Batman



It’s amazing to see what kind of conversations talks of Trump can stimulate!


LOL! Well…that part’s not wrong. She is pretty hot.