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2020 Presidential Race


That’s one of life’s great questions.


True. I think being a “millionaire” as far as net worth goes doesn’t go as far as it used to. Of course you still have money and of course you’re still very well off compared to most people, so I suppose that’s rich in the US. But it definitely doesn’t ensure unlimited retirement ease.


Shit bro I could retire off 2 commas and my current not very impressive 401k no sweat.

Muricans just live so wastefully.


Definitely wasteful but no one dies in this country anymore. You need a lot to retire on when so many people are pushing 90’s.


Being a virgin will do that for you.

Insert triumph the dog saying “I kid, I kid” here.


Haha this doesn’t really change my response. I’m in a very low cost of living area. I could take a million dollar check tomorrow and retire, I’d just be hella bored.

I’d probably take a parks/landscaping job to compensate for the boredom. Or maybe like some kinda groundskeeper helper at a golf course.

I’d work for cheap :wink:


I agree, and that is part of my point (implied, although written badly). The other part as H factor mentioned is that cost of living is drastically different in various parts and rising across the board…it simply doesn’t go as far as even 25 years ago. I am already including 401k and retirement accounts in the number though.


Thankfully my boys were conceived through immaculate conception. :thinking:


I just want everyone to know, even though it was steak and BJ day yesterday, I have stayed strong and not sucked my own dick.



Try as I may…(and I tried)…I got nothing…

Trump is an “illusion”…and if someone can tell me how you defeat an illusion, I’m all ears…

More than half the Country elected (and still defends and supports)…a selfish, narcissistic, thrice-divorced liberal-wearing-a-conservative cloak…who spent his Life traveling and mingling in liberal and criminal circles (John Gatti is literally doing flips in his grave over Trump being President)…who only cares about “the little man” in as far as they can clean the toilets in his hotels; feed his ego at rallys; and get him reelected…

This person (I call him an “illusion”)…is now the “champion” of Conservatives, Evangelicals, and “MAGA” Hat wearing Catholic School Boys? He is somehow, what, “A Born Again Conservative”; religious family man; and champion of “the working man”? (Ask all of the hard-working contractors and small companies he has stiffed over the years, driving many into bankruptcy. If you have time; read about the fiasco of Trump and Atlantic City).

My point, @kjm, is that anyone running against Trump may as well be running against Zeus, or Aquaman. Whatever the “norms” are that can judge these things have no meaning when you run against myth and illusion.

And as far as this Democratic Field that seems to be growing by the day?

I personally don’t see any of them even coming close to defeating “MAGA-man”…


You only have about seven hours to go to prove Zep wrong!






Have at it, @pfury

My frustration with where we are as a Country politically has me glossing over the stats…

What percentage of Americans 1) voted for and 2) now support “MAGA-man”?


Haha it’s cool. You been slowly slipping into madness over Trump the past couple years, so nothing to really debate.

Instead I’ma just take light jabs at your Looney toons comments.

So much less than more than half that it’s a silly thing to even talk about lol.




We’ll see how “silly” when MAGA-man is reelected…


Haha you just equated Trump to that of an actual god.

Idgaf who wins the election, that’s always going to be silly


Kratos 2020


T shirt idea. Bernie (kratos) standing there staring down Trump (Zeus…?)

I guess at least the “sleep with anyone who isn’t my wife” part of the analogy holds up.

Might be a good Hercules Photoshop in there somewhere

Edit: and instead of lightning bolts he throws tweets


Zeus is part of mythology…

(…just in case you didn’t know, @pfury… )