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2020 Presidential Race


I was alluding to Clinton’s impeachment.


If the house votes to impeach doesn’t the senate also have to agree?
If that’s the case well the republicans still own the senate. So…


Or a cult that has way too much invested in you.


You did see the results from the 2018 mid terms,right? GOP lost over 30 seats in the house. In 2020 many GOP senators are up for reelection and many are in blue or battleground states. They could very easily lose the senate and whitehouse in 2020.


All he has to do is look at the way the Democrat losses in 2010 foreshadowed the Republican Presidential election victory in 2012.


Gotta remember public sentiment is about more than the latest DOW numbers. People will be asking themselves if they’re better off than they were before. HC and other inflation related factors have been outpacing pay increases for years.

Not to mention, people with 3+ kids are awful grumpy lately about tax time. I’ve started hammering out a few family members returns. Yikes.


That’s asking a lot from him.


Sorry for asking a dumb question, but why?

In the next few weeks I’ll be doing the returns for my first year as a father & pretty much all I know is that the little dude gets us a $2K credit this year. What’s the deal for folks with 3+ kids? Do you only get the credit for the first 2?

(Going to google now of course)


One of the boons of the tax bill change was the sliding scale for both kids and standard deduction. The breakeven point for the change was ~2 dependents. At 3+ you see a net negative swing from the standard/child tax change.

This also only really applies to like… “My kinda people.” If you’re in a tax bracket where you don’t get a higher refund than the taxes you paid in you’re not going to see it

Edit: You may remember it as the thing touted to help the single parent crowd as well, as the change to the standard/child credit would give a net boost to the 1 parent 1 child crowd.


Dem field widens. I’ll admit I don’t know much about her.



I would like to announce Beetlejuice’s interest in the position of President of the United States of America.

Who will ruin the American Dream for this black, not-too-sharp dwarf?


I don’t know if he can handle it. He has to be able to eat fast food, watch Fox News, golf, and tweet all day long. Also those tweets need to be filled with incorrect spelling.


Rumor has it her husband was surprised to be married to her … says he doesn’t remember meeting the broad


It’s old but saw this during the morning poop. Relevant to Trump’s shot in 2020 imo.


Of course you don’t. Racist.

You think he can’t do those things just because he’s a black dwarf? Racist.

I’m sure a black dwarf could tweet things with incorrect spelling if that is indeed necessary, but it’s likely not.


I don’t understand why ya’ll don’t give Jim Webb a fair shot.

Naval Academy Graduate (1st in his class)
Marine Corps Officer
Vietnam veteran with a Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.


I would have voted him last go around, no question. From what I saw from him, I agree more than I disagree with him.


So far as I know , he’s not running.


This is article pisses me off. People are mad that their refund is lower than it used to be… Uh, your tax burden is lower than in previous years. The IRS is taking less of your paycheck throughout the year.

What the fuck is wrong with people? People are mad because the interest-free loan they give the federal government is lower than in years past so the government is returning less of their own money back to them. Fucking dumb.

*this is a generalization obviously.


I wouldn’t blame him. The last time he ran the DNC fixed the outcome for a piece of hot garbage.