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2020 Presidential Race


I think all millionaires are rich. When you’re like 4 STDs from the average thats purty good.

You don’t really think she lands the SoS spot without having been married to Bill right?

Or… Like most of her professional career.

It’d be like saying ivanka was destined to by uber successful on her own and Donald had nothing to do with it.


In fairness to Joe most catholics are putting their hands on much younger things right?


Something like that. It was pretty ridiculous.

Right, I don’t. That’s why I said tomato tomato, lol.

Sure, but purty good and “rich” are different imho.

Again, I think that’s hard to say.

Sure, some people’s success is built off others. I’m certainly not disputing that.


Guess time will tell! Certainly happy to agree to disagree :+1:

My money is still on nominating a rich white guy. Dems don’t care about IP en masse to anywhere near the extent they care about beating Trump.


So your money’s on Bernie or Beto then? Or Biden if he runs?


Let’s not forget there has been a big paradigm shift with regard to running for president. People used to run for president because they wanted to be president. Now, lots run to raise their public profile and to secure email addresses and donors for their PACs, which they then wield to increase their influence.


Unfortunately my money is on Biden -> Bernie -> no idea on Beto.

I think if Biden doesn’t run Bernie locks the nomination and loses to Trump. Imo the most important thing for the Dem nominee to be is not easily painted as the Boogeyman ala Hillary/anyblackguy


I’ll agree with this. The day may come sooner rather than later where Dems are unlikely to nominate a rich white male but they aren’t there yet. Hopefully they never reach it (I don’t think either should be a disqualifier) And hopefully Republicans reach a point where they will nominate someone other than a rich white male.


False, all millionaires have money, but may not be rich. Being rich consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.The wise man regard wealth as a slave, the fool as a master.


I would saying being rich is having few needs. Your logic could easily label Jeff Bezos as not rich, depending on what he wants.


Millionares are what 5, 6% of the population? I’d say if you have that much money compared to the rest of the population you’re rich. However rich and wealth are terms that no one agrees on. I’m basically rich compared to the people in the area I live in or at least upper class. And I make under 100,000. However I wouldn’t even be able to live in a lot of areas 30 miles north of me.


Oh statistics…
Thought you were talking something else for a minute :zipper_mouth_face:


The skit of Bush and Gore being roommates in the White House was possibly one of the funniest skits I’ve seen from SNL in the last 20 years.


@usmccds423 is more STDs than that away from average. He constantly practices safe sex, by sucking his own dick.


I actually enjoy combative Zep much more than run of the mill YT education Zep. That other thread is very very quickly reaching popcorn level.

Normally I have to go through 3 cringes and 5 facepalms first.


Zero pregnancies zero STDs. I should teach HS health class.


He went full angry Zep real quick, lol. I was being nice too…


Well duh. He’s got all that pent up babyrage from the last time out.

Which you would know. If you weren’t such a damn shillllll


I assume you have started the 24 hours. How’s it going? Have you lapsed into autofellatio mode yet?


It’s been tough. Especially being at work. How else am I supposed to establish dominance!