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2020 Presidential Race


I actually have no idea… I think we’ll have to see how well she does during the primaries. Fair point, though.


A rich white male winning the democratic nomination, we’ll see…


You mean every Dem nomination pre Obama?


The party and America are a wee bit different than the 90s and prior…


And Gore I guess. I always forget about that crazy dude.


Different in the sense that they won’t support a rich white guy?

Bernie seems to be doing alright these days

Edit: and Kerry


I like Biden a lot. I think his heart is in the right place, and he has the experience and relationships on the hill to be very effective. However, he’s old enough to give me pause. There’s a fine line between “older” and elderly. Joe is approaching that line if he hasn’t crossed it already. He’s also had some very “handsy” moments with women over the years. I can already see the false equivalencies Republicans will draw between Trump’s “grab 'em” comments and “Handsy Joe”, not to mention the disingenuous accusations of hypocrisy.


Pretty much. I’ll be surprised if the Dems put up a candidate that isn’t at least non-white or non-male. I’ll be hella surprised if they put up a person that’s both white and male and even more surprised if that person is also wealthy.

He seems to be doing just fine, sure, but the last time Bernie ran the DNC stopped him from winning.

Is Kerry running?




I didn’t realize how many freakin dems have declared they’re running.

Kamala Harris
Beto O’Rourke
Chief One Drop
Cory Booker
Julian Castro
Amy Klobuchar
Jay Inslee
John Hickenlooper
Andrew Yang
Tulsi Gabbard
Marianne Williamson

Then there are a bunch that haven’t decided like Kirsten Gilibrand and Joe Biden.

Most of the white dudes I’ve never even heard of.



Fair point. It depends on the extent to which the other candidates make it an issue. I think the democrats are going to keep the kid gloves on during the primaries, just like they did last time they were in this situation (2004, incumbent Republican). There’s going to be a massive backlash against the candidate who punches too hard - don’t want to weaken the nominee too much before facing off against Trump.


Eh I disagree. Nearly every big Dem campaign contributor is inevitably going to be a rich white guy.

I think that’s the major benefit of being the rich white guy. It doesn’t really matter who wins. That demographic is always doing great.

Right but absolutely in no way because he was a rich white guy. It’s because they had already pledged support to the wife of the other rich white guy.

Comment was made irt the crazy Kerry comment


Since you bring up Al Gore, let’s take a minute to appreciate Darrell Hammond’s genius impression.


Thank you for proving my point. However, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t literally LOL.


Let me clarify. I think a significant enough portion of Dem voters are going to be voting on a candidate because they’re a) a woman b) a minority or c) both. The party has been moving more and more towards identity politics and I’m not saying that because I’m an ideologue, but because that’s simply the case.

I wish it weren’t true because at this point it seems I’ll be giving an independent my protest vote again.

I wouldn’t really call him rich, but tomato tomato and I don’t think they pledged support for HRC because of who she’s married to, but because the DNC was run by the Clintons and they deemed her to be the air apparent to Obama and the first female president.


I’m glad you took it as a joke, lol.


You wouldn’t call bill Clinton rich?

I’m happy to agree to disagree. I think HRC never sees a nickles worth of DNC support if she wasn’t married to an ex POTUS


No, Bernie.

Hard to say, but she was a Senator and the Secretary of State after Bill left office. It’s not like she wasn’t in the public eye.


Had 17 Republicans in 2016 right? Or 16? What is surprising is the number to face off an incumbent I believe. I can only think of maybe 9 Republicans in 2016, but I think Obama appeared much more likely to win than Trump is at this point. I’m basing that off his handy electoral/popular vote victory in 2008 and his approval rating being higher. That’s why I believe you had certain Republicans waiting for 2016.

Edit: I’d have to look back to see how many people typically run against someone at the end of their first term to compare.