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2020 Presidential Race


Maybe for some but not me. I’d prefer to have an election where my states vote wasn’t already decided. I just think it’s an inferior way of doing things.

Had Gore and Clinton lost the popular vote and won the right would be beside themselves trying to change it.


I wonder if it’s why Trump himself hated the EC before it handed him the oval


A majority of people in a country voted for someone and that person didn’t win. The electoral-vote-per-person ratio favors low-population red states. That’s why you can lose by millions of votes and still win. I don’t like Hillary. I actually can’t stand her, and never could. I’m perfectly happy with her not being president, except for the fact that her not being president is a perversion of democracy due to a system that was introduced, ironically, to prevent someone like Trump from being elected in the first place.




Move to a swing state? No exit taxes. No barriers to re-entry. Your career probably has pretty good carry-over from state to state.



And ironically, the problem increases every year. Many of these nobody states (like my home state of WV) have actually been seeing overall population decline YoY.


Yes my career would work there as well. But what we are talking about has the support of a majority of Americans. And I’ve yet to hear strong counter arguments to staying with the ex.

So we could follow the will of the majority and switch to a system that makes more sense. Then we could have a system where the person who gets the most votes (which is basically how ever election for everything works) wins. Seems simple and what most want.

Probably see the push once it happens to Republicans or states will start to move to proportional.



Wisconsin a state to keep an eye on for this topic. Interesting article and perhaps more important with the fact that it seems as if Florida is staying a close state but just slightly red enough for Dems not to count on.


Oh, nooooooo


Daylight savings time is such a weird concept these days. I tried explaining it to my 7 year old this year.

She goes “so if we don’t use candles for light anymore why do we change the time?”

…uhhhhh… Cuz?


Beto is officially in it. I’m calling it now. He’ll eek out the Democratic nomination by a close margin and then beat Trump comfortably, possibly turning Texas blue (at least in the 2020 election) in the process.

He’s essentially Obama Lite in my eyes and presents a stark and compelling alternative to Trump - imagine the two of them sharing a debate stage. He’ll turn out the youth as well as the blue dog types and unaffiliated moderates who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary. He also represents a new page for democrats.

I’d love to hear a counter argument to help me identify my blind spots here.


Curious as to what you mean by this, @kjm.

(I’ll give a little more thought to your request, for sure…)


Here’s how I think Beto compares to 2007 Obama…

  • Both are young by presidential candidate standards.
  • Both have limited political experience - just a handful of years in congress (which is both good and bad).
  • Both are relative newcomers to the national stage.
  • Both are very good public speakers.
  • Both are relatively moderate.
  • Both possess a likeability/charisma that will definitely draw supporters. This is the “it” factor that draws you in makes you want to listen to their message. Who else in the democratic field has it?

I think 2007 Obama had more charisma, was a more inspiring public speaker and had an air of competence about him that Beto can’t match, which is why I called Beto Obama Lite.

Obama of course had his minority status going for/against him, depending on who you ask. This may be a controversial opinion, but I think a lot of people turned out to vote because they wanted to the nations first black president. Beto doesn’t have that going for him, which is why I think he needs someone like Kamala Harris to help reform that Obama coalition that Hillary couldn’t.


There was also a large number of votes cast simply to stop this exact thing.

That being said, probably more voted to make him the first black POTUS than voted to stop it


One difference l see is that Obama seemed composed and cool as a cucumber, while O’Rourke is sweating profusely, waving his arms, and pacing.

Kinda like James Dean compared to Rodney Daingerfield.
Or JFK vs Nixon.


True, but those folks likely wouldn’t have voted democrat anyways :sweat_smile:


I 100% agree Obama was more polished and composed. I think that comes with experience though. Obama was a college professor, which afforded him lots of opportunities to speak in front of groups.


You don’t think she would be a little “toxic” to a ticket?

She really seems to invite controversy.


I think Beto is a very interesting candidate but unpredictable. I definitely think he has the ability to win the nomination if things break his way. Much more so than a lot of Dems in the field now. People don’t know a whole lot about him yet so we will see how that breaks.


As a democrat from Texas I really like Beto and what he stands for but I also like Biden so right now I’m torn. But I would really like the ticket of Biden/ o’rourke or even o’rourke/Biden. Just not sure if Biden would go along with the later.