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2020 Presidential Race


Tbh I don’t see bernie beating Trump at this point so I’m kinda hoping he bows out. Unfortunately, I think he’s almost a shoe in with the current landscape and how he was robbed last time. So even voting for him becomes a finger to establishment Dems


They have Texas leaning red instead of solid red like it’s always been. This could be a huge surprise for trump. Let’s just wait and see.


Early polls indicate not a single nominee beating him in Texas. The closest is Biden, who would be the smart choice for the race.


It’ll depend on how the group narrows. If Biden doesn’t throw his hat in, it’s hard to know where his plurality goes.

Like with 2016, it all depends on how swiftly the pool narrows as to who comes out on top.

I believe it was 538 that pointed out that Kasich etc clinging on was what cinched it for Trump. Had the pool narrowed to a two horse race before Super Tuesday, it would have been Ted Cruz as GOP nominee.

But it scarcely matters now.


Look at the bright side … maybe at that point he’ll only have people outside the swamp to bring onto his team haha

Biden, as it stands right now, is the only one I see being competitive tbh. Everyone else is a bigger joke than Biden (disclaimer, aside from his touchy feely type of shit and being an old straight white male, I don’t think Biden is a joke - even his pandering seems dignified)


Agree. @polo77j

But “competitive” in the way those D-3 Schools “compete” with the “Big Boys” at the beginning of the basketball season.

If they lose by 30 instead of 50…then they were considered “competitive”.

I’ll say it one more time just for @pfury

Trump is the only one who can defeat Trump…


And as always, I disagree with your assertion that Trump is the most powerful politician in American history :wink:


Well…for Trump’s followers…there is another Campaign promise being met…

The Swamp IS getting drained, for sure…



When did I even imply that?



If only Trump can beat Trump, that makes it impossible for anyone else to beat him. If he’s unbeatable, I fail to see how he’s not hands down the most powerful pol in America.


I can’t see Texas going blue yet though I think it will turn into a big battleground state in the near future.

If Texas goes blue it means Trump is losing big time. I just can’t see it yet.


I mean, isn’t he? Not the most powerful ever, but he’s unqestipnably the most powerful right now.


even though I agree with this sentiment … When did you become so cynical haha

Right … just not the way they envisioned … either way Promise Kept ™


The guy got his SOTU held hostage by Nancy fuckin Pelosi.

But agreed he’s probably the most powerful in this moment.


When is the President not? Trump’s approval numbers alone show his vulnerability. He will be very tough to beat with no significant hiccups in the economy. Highly beatable though. He’s going to have a tougher time getting re-elected than Obama did unless something drastically changes between then and now that spikes his numbers.

That said if the economy stays hot I think he wins. If it doesn’t he doesn’t have a whole lot to win on.

I’ve noted this once but we haven’t had a President in the modern era with a lower ceiling than Trump has shown before his re-election.




I simply am not going to believe that you did not understand perhaps the oldest hyperbole in the “Book of Hyperbole”…(or maybe you did…I just fail to believe it…)

Trump is not nearly as “unique” as people would like to make him out to be…

Not only have I run across many “Trumps” in my Life…history is littered with paranoid narcissist, with egos that never allow them to either ever be wrong; listen to advice; or to look at themselves as being the true problem…

Those very character flaws have led to their true “fall” coming from within…

In other words…the only way (IMO) that Trump loses in 2020 is not because of him losing the Electoral College…but because he says, or does, or tweets something so egregious that even Hannity will stand up straight and put away the lube…

At this point I have no idea what that could be (as Trump said himself (paraphrasing)…he could kill someone in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue/Time Square…and his followers would still vote for him…)

With that kind of loyalty?

“MAGA” 2020!!!


Lol when you make a point to tag me in saying it, I don’t have much choice but to take your words at face value.

Besides, you’ve said it at least 50 times now.

I think he’s very unique. I’m unable to name another pol like him.

People generally hate people like Trump. This one won the nuclear codes. Unique AF.

Does this not mean Trump is unbeatable by every external candidate?

Or is this hyperbole? It doesn’t seem like hyperbole


I think your position that Trump will win is fine. I think your position of his strength is a bit overstated (imo). The thing is Trump has some hardcore loyalty (most Presidents do). That number is not a huge number of people however. Trump can’t (and won’t get close) to winning with this number alone.

Trump’s diehards don’t win the election for him. It’s not going anywhere no matter what happens (but you could say the same thing for Obama, GWB, Clinton, etc). Trump could murder someone on live tv and these people would say “do you know how many babies liberals murder through abortion?!”

This isn’t a huge amount of people. Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million.


I know you’re not ignorant to how POTUS is elected and how the federal system is constructed.

With that being said maybe you can shed some light on why people are using this as a point of argument?


It’s a counter to the concept that Trump is not beatable and/or he had a successful showing in the election.

Getting people to vote for you is kinda the point. He wasn’t able to do that as well as the most hated Dem candidate in my lifetime.