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2020 Presidential Race


Obama recovery.



Is the obama recovery like NAFTA where Clinton gutted all the middle class jobs from Ohio Mich Indiana auto industry and gave them to Canada and Mexico?


It’s where Bush bailed out the auto industry.


Thank god for that or we would all be driving Yugo’s


I think any of those combos with Barack Obama as VP would be game over for the GOP.


Or since we have a reality tv president who switched from a dem to a republican Kanye makes a surprise switch and runs with his wife.


And I move out of the us.


Obviously we are different. You would move out if the US and I would be dancing in the street. But the point is moot, Obama has no desire to get in the mud with trump. He’s done his time.
As a democrat I really think our best shot is with Biden and a young vp like Beto.


Trump is afraid of Obama. How many presidents attack the candidate they defeated two years after the election instead of the previous president? It’s as if Hillary was president and not Obama.


Good luck getting that creeptastic old white man and his young mansplaining male protégé through the current political climate/victim olympics gauntlet!


Creepier than trump? Are you kidding me? Thanks but I’ll take my chances with Biden.


Trump isn’t running as a democrat, is he?

Your party has locked its controls into the heart of the sun. They can’t run anything other than an untouchable, pristine example of political perfection.


Meh maybe. I definitely think if Biden or Beto take a shot at it their race isn’t going to disqualify them. The party may get to that point but it hasn’t yet.

It’s just the opposite of the other side where being something other than a white male is often disqualifying. Though lately they will let them get somewhat close (Carson, Cain).


Maybe, but after all the investigations trump will be pretty damaged himself. And if mueller’s report is as devastating as I think it will be it will be like Nixon trying to run in '76(if he was eligible)


I might give people too much credit, but I don’t believe that anybody with an iq over about 95 thought that Trump wasn’t going to push and break some laws. It’s pretty much what large corporations and the people who run them do.

The only thing that would keep him out of the running at this point (or any in the future) would be a felony conviction or other disqualifying legal event.

The only two responses that I can honestly think of to any findings of the Mueller investigation will be “It’s about time” and “So what? Look at the economy!”. I ain’t no rocket scientist, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it’s this- Money always wins.

Hell, I’ll bet if the economy is strong enough in his second term he could even withstand impeachment.


And surround himself with people who also do the same. Who knew the best people were all criminals?

At some point we are going to find out that a few people who worked with him early on in the campaign aren’t crooks. I mean statistically someone has to be clean!


Nah. You don’t need honesty as long as you have plausible deniability.


That’s your choice but I and a lot of voters don’t want a good economy at all cost run by criminals. Sooner or later(more than likely sooner) that will do more harm than good. Under your scenario America will be no different than other dictator led countries in the Middle East with good economies.


Didn’t you see Trumps latest tweet? He loves him some communist dictators!


Not disagreeing but to square this a Trump voter has to think he is a complete idiot who has no idea what the people around him were/are doing.

Which is going to be just fine for most of them. After all he says wall a lot.