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2020 Presidential Race

Thought I’d create a catch all thread for the 2020 presidential race.

Who’s winning for Dems? Who’s all running?

Does Trump get a primary challenge?

Does someone who may get some real votes run third party?

Trump does NOT get a Primary Challenge.

Trump trounces whomever the DEMS put up (and Trump is probably chomping at the bit to get at the crowd that is currently announcing that they are running. Booker? Warren? Harris? Are you kidding me? Please…)

If the Starbucks guy runs as an Independent…there is no need to even have an election…it assures a Trump win.

I will say it over, and over, and over, again…

Barring something earth-shattering with all of the investigations…Trump is the only one who can stop Trump at this point…(and a major cardiac event…)

HALEY 2024


Lolol I know you’re kinda stuck in your ways with this one, but c’mon.

Trump couldn’t trounce HRC. How’s he going to trounce someone who didn’t just spend 10 years being smeared

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Hey, @pfury

I’ve put up my thoughts…

Let’s hear it…what at your predictions?

I gotta agree with this. I can definitely buy a Trump win. Dude is Teflon no doubt. Economy staying strong is going to bring a lot of swing voters his way. Of course we love to have presidents serve two terms as well.

Still you’re looking at a guy with abysmal approval ratings who just lost the popular vote to an incredibly disliked candidate. Also a guy who has and will energize Dems like perhaps no one ever. I mean GWB’s worst moments in the 04 race don’t touch the fury Trump gives Dems. If the economy falters at all he becomes incredibly easy to defeat.

Dems can fuck this up like they did once to him by running maybe the only person who could lose to him. I have faith in them to shoot themselves in the foot hard. I think they are already doing it with the AOC type people. A moderate Dem would be tough on him. Dems don’t need to go left because the base is coming out against Trump.

Trump is really good at hammering any perceived weakness in an opponent. It may be dumb stuff but we are idiots. Lying Ted, low energy Jeb, he just repeats it into something.

I wouldn’t put any money on this either way. I was confident of Obama’s chances in 08 and 12. The landscape is different. I trust major polling a bit less.


You’re big on that Haley bandwagon and I think you’ve got something there. I think she could be a strong contender in 2024 as a return to normalcy for the GOP.

Imo it’s far too early in the game to know who’ll get the nomination, but it obviously won’t be Warren or Harris. Not super well read up on exactly who’s running, but I don’t recall any names sticking out (very good thing imo).

Depending on the nominee, I think the outcomes range from Dem overwhelming win to GOP electoral win but another pop vote lost. I don’t think the GOP will be winning another national popular vote anytime soon with the massive motivation we’ve seen from Dems in recent years. They couldn’t win the popular vote when Dems were lazy.

This is a ticking clock despite what the stock market shows. Health costs haven’t stopped outpacing inflation, and a slight economic hiccup anywhere will ripple pretty hard.


I’ll be honest, I’ve never actually heard a liberal (and I know many more than republicans) actually talk about her in a serious way. The only people actually talking about AOC are republicans. They just keep lobbing bitch shots and missing the obnoxiously large boat (I wish that was a euphemism, girl ain’t got no ass).

Do you guys hear people talking about Haley? I’ll be honest all I’ve heard of her near the end of her tenure with Trump is how she’s a backstabber for resigning and ‘leaving’ Trump. Coupled with the corruption report that probably spawned her resignation, she’s got HELLLLLAAAAA baggage for a female GOP candidate.

Don’t disagree here but if the clock doesn’t hit before the election it will be a big point for team orange.

Absolutely. Everybody loves low unemployment. Obama sure got credit when it dropped, so will Trump



Think someone on here said this somewhere else maybe?

Biden runs with Barack as his vice president. Hannity’s head explodes on national tv.

Sub in Michelle may be even better. Watch the stormfront crew lose it. A BLACK WOMAN!

Yep Biden and Michelle would do it.
Everyone else running are just total jokes. They have no chance of winning.

(Think Warren will get the majority of the Native American Vote)?

On a serious note…her “apology”…after using her “heritage” to her advantage the majority of her adult Life…was down right pathetic…


Imo she’ll be even more of a nobody that she was last time around.

Agreed. Hopefully she goes away soon. Personally I doubt she’ll last to the first state primary

You guys realize Biden is only 1 yr younger than Bernie? Plus he allowed Barack/Hillary to snooker him out of running the last time around, so he’s probably already senile…(yeah, I know about the son thing, but believe me Biden is the kind of guy that would’ve used that to his advantage)

My lalaland scenario is Kasich runs because he wants to tell Trump and the rest of the GOP to go fuck themselves.

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Ughhh. You’re tugging my heartstrings man. I woulda voted for that man in a heartbeat.

No way he runs though. Unless his actual goal is to swing the oval to the Dems


Yeah he’s old but Trumps 72 himself and obviously going through dementia. Plus Biden could beat Trumps flabby self in a geriatric cage match.


It’s far too early to make predictions about who will win the primaries, but we shouldn’t underestimate the Blue Wave in the general. Heck, I’d vote for Stacey Abrams just to say “you cheated her out of the governorship, so we’ll make her President!” just as I suspect a lot of Republicans voted for Trump in 2016 because he was the biggest middle finger they could possibly give Democrats. I’d be really shocked if someone tried to primary Trump unless the Mueller investigation hit the GOP like an asteroid smacking down the dinosaurs.

As for the economy, a lot of complaining has been showing up in social media about middle class people who discovered their taxes went up to support the tax cut on the rich, so even with a good economy Trump has just lost a lot of votes (even if Ryan and McConnell are more to blame). Even treading water on the Obama Recovery can only keep Trump afloat so long.


No Natives will be voting for her.

Damn…somebody finally said it…

Thanks, @paules

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