2020 Presidential Debates

I created this to catch the debate discussions, which I am sure will be many. Just some organization to this mess of an election season.

So debate! Explain why your guy won! Give the other guy/ gal hell on their candidate! Just be friends at the end.

Trump v. Biden: Round 1

Personally I am surprised there even was a debate… We’ll see if there are anymore.

@chris_Colucci , Just curious, why did you edit the exclamation point from the topic title? The “The Push to 2020 Has Begun!” has an exclamation point. I didn’t use any, bad, mean or triggering language. I am just curious why the punctuation.

Who are you kidding. We have a higher male percentage than a Rush concert.

As to the debates, I thought both sides did about how I expected. Joe did have some mispronunciations, and Trump wouldn’t shut up (what I expected). I thought for the most part Joe did a good job conveying his message even though he stumbled a bit.

I thought Wallace did a good job as moderator.

I don’t think the debates did much to change any minds, and the polls on the debate line up pretty well with the presidential race tracker on 538. Even if not many minds were changed we do know that swing states can come very close.

This debate is a train wreck…

“I brought back football” LMFAO really??

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Wallace is the best moderator we are going to get and he can’t control this circus. Oh lord help us.


Agree on Wallace

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Pretty much. He’s trying his damnedest though, which I appreciate. It’s hard when people shout over you lol

A coup really? Good Lord…


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Hilarious. As expected, the Trumpkins spent so much time lowering expectations for Biden, all Biden had to do was speak coherently for 90 minutes ans he exceeded those expectations. He did.

Trump played to his base - but that won’t win him the election.

Wallace did the best he could have. But, they need to give the moderator control of the microphones so he can shut one of them off during the 2 minutes given to the other candidate. It wouldn’t completely solve the issue but it’d keep the “debate” on track a little more.


I hope the folks in Scranton were paying close attention.

I guess the question is, does anyone think any minds were changed or made up as a result of this debate? I think this played out pretty much as people expected, so it probably won’t move the needle much one way or the other.

One thing that irritates me is Democrats playing the victim with regard to the SCOTUS situation. Messaging should be, “Republicans have every legal right to create a 6-3 conservative majority in the SC. If you’re comfortable with that or a 7-2 or even an 8-1 conservative majority, vote Republican. If you want to restore balance to the court, vote for us.” I think that message would appeal to a lot of moderates who don’t want to see the court skew too far one way or the other.

And, why not rib Trump on the NYT piece - “How do you turn your dad’s fortune into a $400 million IOU?” That just seems like crappy preparation.

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Only half-heartedly listened to first half.

Trump neither rattled Biden nor did he implode. And since both strike me as BS artists, l give the 10/9 edge to Biden.

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Nah. I mean I think at this point minds are pretty well made up. If you like Trump going in no chance you will change your mind. And if you would prefer the Presidency went to anyone else in the world then you didn’t change either.

These might be the most inconsequential debates in presidential history.

Oh I don’t think trump came to debate at all because he can’t defend his record. He only came to disrupt it.
It would be nice if the moderator could turn off mics.

I don’t think anyone’s mind was changed tonight. They keep talking about undecided voters, really? Who is undecided at this point? This election has been decided, everyone is just waiting to vote.

Preeettty much. I played with a couple friends. Unfortunately I played with whiskey and they played with beer.

Tomorrow will be a trial.

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I’m going to have to think about it overnight before I decide who I thought had the upper hand.

But then of course, I’ll get killed by the polls because I have no idea who everyone else thought won.

I’m not thinking Trump could make the high school debate team…

But he did not attack Biden statements with accomplishments- such high rate of employment to charge of ruining the economy. Or a dozen other points to showcase his strengths like law/order.

Just lackluster in selling his benefit. And as TB said, Biden only had to not ask for a chair to look like he has the juice.

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