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2020 Olympia - Can Curry Repeat?

Wouldn’t even be surprised if William Bonac took it. He’s like a Dexter Jackson in the making. Always hovering to cut you if you give him the edge.

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Phil’s instagram post yesterday - he is looking huge - may be tough to beat.

Yeah l, I saw pics … but we’ll see. Maybe the time off has helped him because his conditioning had been questionable the last couple of years.


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Agreed, I assuming he reigns in his gut.
Personally, I like Curry’s build better, but i am not a judge and it’s a different set of subjective criteria every year to win it appears.


Yeah and it seems judges are rewarding conditioning nowadays so

At Brandon’s gym opening in Tennessee today I met a couple guys that will be in the O this year.


It’s crazy when you run into these guys in person, their development, shape, size is like other worldly.

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lol, omg yes. I think it’s funny how some people are quick to disparage top level pros from behind their computer keyboards, without any real conception of truly how large some of them are. I still recall with some shock I experienced from the first couple of Pros I ever saw in real life.


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I would love to meet some of these guys in person and talk to them. I guess I would have a decent chance if I went to the Tampa Pro (which is the closest show to me).
It seems crazy to me the everyone disparges the top Olympia line-up when only 15 men have ever even been awarded the Sandow. Just to be in that final call-out is a huge achievement most will never get to.

You just have to keep your eyes open, they are always out there doing events. Jose Raymond was there, and (even retired) was the proportionally thickest guy I think I’ve ever seen. Vaillant’s legs were absolutely ridiculous. Even non-top level guys like Lobeliner had absurd vascularity and Jujimufu is huge (and absurdly lean at the moment). Ben Pukulski is still big (supposedly with no special supplements and basically no test in his system).

Necer seen a pro body building in person but I have seen a pro strong man. I assume it’s the same sort of reaction.

I was one time beside Hugo Girard a few years after he retired (so a lot down sized) and even at 6’1’’ and ~210lbs, i was dwarfed XD I can’t imagine how it would be to be beside Thor at his peak weight for the deadlift record lol

Hugo is a big dude. He tried to buy a Hummer, but didn’t fit in it to be able to drive it. H1, not H2. Ended up buying an Excursion because he fit in it. And Zydrunas is even larger, I felt like a kid standing next to him at 6’-0 and about 245lbs at the time.

Lol my brother-in-law is a competitive strong man and arm wrestler. Muscles aside, he is just a larger than any average human being in every possible way. As much as I always points out that my own small joints worked well for me as a bodybuilder, his large joints have served him well, as his wrist is easily Twice the size of my mine and I’m sure adds to his structure being able to support the ridiculous weights that it has over the years.


Who is your brother in law (if you dont mind sharing)?

This guy is a WSM podium finisher. I dont know why I’m being coy. I saw Terry Hollands. Even by strong man standards he is huge. Doing body building now… looks good for it.

Yeah joint size is such a factor. Which is why I like the weight classes. I love strong man. But I’m never gonna be open weight material.

I’ve been meaning to ask you stu (and the threads kinda gone that way) what’s your take on the monsters in BB these days? Do you think they are good for the sport? And I’ll leave “good” as an open definition.

For me - I stayed away from bodybuilding (and there for weight training) as I so disliked the image of the early 2000’s pros. As mate of mine so accurately put it “they look like a bunch of walnuts stuffed into a condom and sprayed tanned”.
It felt like - if you want to lift weights you have to want “this”. Especially as all the literature I found and the local proper gym were very much aligned with “this”.
I wondered if you thought having the natural / unaided / classic comps feature more prominently would help promote more interest in the sport. Or is more interest in the sport not necessarily a good thing?

Generally the pro strongman competitors will absolutely dwarf the pro BBers. The “small” guy is Mr. O Jay Cutler.

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Those goons are just doing their best to Out Angle Big Jay.


I don’t doubt it, but they do in fact weigh a lot more than Jay. Both Brian and Z were about 400 lbs (Brian a bit more). This looks to be a downsized Jay (maybe after retirement) too.

Jay would certainly win a physique contest, absolute size contest would go to the strongmen.

Oh yeah well aware strong men are bigger. But there is something extra ordinary about 24inch arms 38 inch thighs AND a 32 inch waist. The proportions are so far off its mad.
Where as Terry - and this is no slight in him - was just big. Like barn door big.

Yeah, stronman guys are generally BIG dudes but there’s something insane about the builds on top BB guys. It’s like they have extra muscles you and I don’t have. Phil’s forearms are a good example, and hell his upper arms too, there like extra meat in between the bis and tris.