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2020 NFL Thread

Rob Gronkowski out of retirement, traded to Tampa Bay.

2020 questions: was NE’s success primarily due to Tom Brady, or was it BB? has TB taken a big step back skill wise, or was it because he lacked weapons? Stay tuned…

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As a NY Giants fan, the big question is whether to pick a much needed offensive tackle, or a potential generational type talent at linebacker in Isaiah Simmons.

My bias as someone who watched the great LBs from the Parcells era is to take Simmons.

The consensus seems to be that the best outcome is if the Giants can trade down from #4 just enough to acquire one of the 4 top offensive tackles plus another top tier player. But of course this requires another team to tango.

I fully expect that if we get a Pats/Bucs superbowl, Brady will get his first blowout superbowl win.

Based on my personal bias, I think the Patriots don’t make the playoffs.

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Fucking Jerry Jones taking a receiver (granted a good receiver). We need defense so badly.

I paid no attention to the draft but Jerry has to add weapons for Prescott to justify his support of the guy.

Overall I think it was a relatively solid first round. There are no real head-scratchers but for the Raider’s second pick (Damon Arnette - CB) and the Packer’s move-up to grab QB Jordan Love. For a team that was one game away from the Superbowl last year and desperately needs help just about everywhere else, a QB pick doesn’t make sense to me. Especially since Rodgers has another 3-4 years left on his contract and a workable back-up in Tim Boyle. Another WR would’ve been ideal given that iirc no Packer but Adams caught more than 35 passes last season.

Edit: It seems like a lot of Eagles fans didn’t like the pick but I don’t know enough about the Eagles needs and Jalen Reagor to weigh in.

Arizona’s coach in his “war room”:


Bengals’ coach in his “war room”:

What was going on behind Vrabel?

As a Giants’ fan, I love what the Cowboys are doing LOL. This WR was supposedly a great value pick at that spot, no argument there. Now, if only they hadn’t paid Amari (I only have one good year followed by one indifferent year) Cooper that gigantic contract…

Hopefully, the Eagles continue their streak of picking the wrong WR early.

In hindsight, I think the Giants made the right choice to go with Andrew Thomas, especially if he can keep Chase Young out of the backfield. The NFC East is so up for grabs I think. 8-8, playoff bound LOLLL!

I agree about the Packers. Brady and Brees just got paid at 41 and 42 years of age. Either Love is a flop, or he’s not going to be on the bench for 5 years. Slap in the face at Rodgers, no improvement near term for the team that can win now, as proven by last year.

They could be taking a page out of the Pats playbook, that is draft a QB and develop him and then trade him off for picks a couple of years down the road like Garappolo, Cassell, Mallet, Brisset, etc.

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I think it’s been proven that just taking a page out of the Pats playbook doesn’t work. You need the whole book, especially the not trading up in the draft part. edit to add: obviously, giving up picks to trade up

(no idea if the Pats traded up to take any of the QBs you listed)

Are you referring to the pic I posted? The first one is Kliff Kingsbury of the Cardinals. That is a fire pit I think, turned on for the pic probably. And those $1000+ shoes were probably just put on for the pic as well LOL.

That’s a great point, the Pats definitely don’t “buy high and sell higher”

No, but I found an article about it


Oh man, if that had been someone pooping it would’ve been one for the ages!!!

It could be the long term play. Some of the best QBs sat the bench and learned from a pro instead of playing for the Browns and trying to develop while running for their lives.

We don’t know if Rodgers has told them his plans. He just signed a four year extension so maybe that’s it for him.

It is odd to draft a developmental QB in the 1st round, though.

This. Especially since they traded up to get him. I’ve read hopeful comps for Mahomes “lite”. I call BS, starting with the average at best arm strength.

I use the site playerprofiler.com to get a quick read on physical stats and comparable players coming out of college. It’s obviously a best guess at best, but the comp for Love is Dan Orlovsky LOL. The comp for Mahomes was Matt Stafford. Obviously, Mahomes is a lot more athletic than Stafford, but if Stafford had Andy Reid as a coach rather than the mopes he’s had at Detroit, what might’ve been…?