2020 Modified 5/3/1 Log to Look Better and Be Stronger in my 30's Than My 20's

Ive always kept a log on my phone, but i want to put it somewhere , where i can hold myself accountable , and maybe urge some others to follow/try/do the same.

I will try and log my bodyweight and bf % ( done weekly , every Friday, done in work on a machine that calculates - while not perfect and accurate atleast it gives me an idea over the month if im going up or down)

I will mainly log weight training workouts 2/3x a week . I also do MMA/Boxing/BJJ 2/3 sessions a week , which i dont log and i also walk 5miles minimum a day (into and from work mon - fri , then with mrs & dogs sat & sun) for those who gaf.

Training Maxes to Start 2020
Squat 190
FSquat 120
Deadlift 190
Bench 115
DIP 120
Hang Clean 85
SGHP 100
PBOR 100
Pullup 110

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Started recording my weight in March19 when i finally hit a 200KG squat and decided to stop being fat and lazy and recomp my body for health and aesthetic reasons.

Start = 90.4kg, 26% bf = 66.9kg (23.5f)
End = 89kg, 25.5bf = 66.3kg (22.7f)

April 19
Start = 89kg, 25.5% bf = 66.3kg (22.7f)
End = 88.2kg, 25%bf = 66.15kg (22.1f)

May 19
Start = 88.2kg, 25%bf = 66.15kg (22.1f)
End = 88.5kg, 25.9%bf = 65.6kg (22.9f)

Start = 88.5kg, 25.9%bf = 65.6kg (22.9f)
End = 89.9kg, 25%bf = 67.4kg (22.5f)

July 19 - Holiday , got fat :wink:
Start = 90.4kg, 26% bf = 66.9kg (23.5f)
End = 89kg, 25.5bf = 66.3kg (22.7f)

Aug -
Start = 89kg, 25.5bf = 66.3kg (22.7f)
End = 86kg, 24.8% = 64.7kg (21.3f)

Sept - Started TRT and BJJ
Start = 86kg, 24.8% = 64.7kg (21.3f)
End = 85.2kg 23.5% = 65.2kg (20f)

Start = 85.2kg 23.5% = 65.2kg (20f)
End = 85.4 22.9% = 65.8kg(19.6f)

Nov - 16/8 fast started
Start = 85.4 22.9% = 65.8kg(19.6f)
End = 83.9kg 22.2% = 65.3kg (18.6f)

Start = 83.9kg 22.2% = 65.3kg (18.6f)
End = 82.6kg 21% = 65.3kg (17.3f)

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2019 Summary , looking forward to 2020
Start = 90.4kg, 26% bf = 66.9kg (23.5f)
End = 82.6kg 21% = 65.3kg (17.3f)

End of 2019 body composition - still a lot of fat to loose

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Tonight’s training will be

2mile run
15 minute skipping
10x3 minute rounds on Heavy Bag


132x5 150x3 168x8 168x1
Pendlay Rows
68x5 78x3 88x10 88x3
Football Bar Bench
78x5 88x3 100x9 100x1
Hanging Cleans
57x5 65x3 72x7 72x1
L sit pull-ups

Little Circuit to finish


SGrip highPull 2x8x60
Reverse Lunge 2x8x82 (x2l/r)
GMorn 2x8x47
G Bridge 2x8x105
Press-up 1x*
Dips 2x8x20
DB Pullover 2x 8x20
BNP 2x52x12
DB SFly 2x8x16
Press-up 1x*
Towel Pull-ups 3x*
Croc Row 1x36x15 (2xl/r)
Rev Curl 2x8x47


For anyone reading weights are in KG (UK)


117x5 140x5 152x11 152x5
72x5 82x3 92x9 92x1
Bench (chest still a little fatigued from pullovers)
70x5 80x5 90x11 90x5
Hang clean
50x5 60x5 67x10 67x5
L sit pull-ups



SGrip highPull 2x8x65
Reverse Lunge 2x8x82
GMorn 2x8x50
G Bridge 2x8x107
SFly 2x8x16
Towel Pull-ups 5/4/3
DB Rows 2x20x20
Hammer curls 2x8x20


Today 31/12/19 last session of 2019

Bag work


Start the new year off with a festive dip… traps are coming along

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125x5 142x3 160x10 160x3
65x5 75x5 85x11 85x5
55x5 62x3 70x10 70x3
75x5 85x3 95x11 95x3


Back to work after 8days off today … gonna miss these long sleeps I’ve been gifted with and not looking forward to weighing in Friday to see how much weight I’ve put on


Post Festive Weigh in

87.7kg 24% = 66.7kg (21f)

I think abit maybe water weight from the shit food / alchohol , but ill guess we will see next week!

Tonights training more heavy bag work. MMA and Boxing starts back up next week so longer sessions, rolling and sparring = more calories burnt :slight_smile:

Great job on the weight loss, especially in the second half of 2019, keep it up!

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SGrip highPull 2x8x70
Reverse Lunge 2x8x85
GMorn 2x8x52
G Bridge 2x8x110
Press-up 1x*
Dips 2x8x22
DB Pullover 1x25x8
BNP 2x52x12
DB RD Fly 1x15x8
Press-up 1x*
Towel Pull-ups 6/4/3
DB BOR 2x8x22
Rev Curl 1x15x20



135x5 152x3 170x7 170x1
70x5 80x3 90x10 90x3
Hang Clean
60x5 67x3 75x6 75x1
80x5 90x3 100x10 100x1


For those who maybe following

Reading Thibs article this morning about rest/pause for more meaningfull reps/hypertrophy I’m thinking of maybe changing my ‘heavy’ day workout to incorporate it

Typically on my ‘heavy’ day ,i take 4 compound lifts and i stick to a 5/3/1 method with the last weight again for either 5/3/1 depending on the week

e.g. 5xW1/5xW2/*xW3/5xW3

So by incorporating rest/pause it would now be e.g.
5xW1/5xW2/*xW3 pause *xW3

What do you guys think? Better gains , or overkill that may effect strength/recovery?

Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd back to shit sleep again … Thursday don’t finish MMA till 2100 and can never get to sleep , my minds always ticking over thinking about how I can improve my sparring from that night … any one else get that? Anyway , made me miss my alarm so this morning was a mad rush

10/01/2020 Weigh In

84kg @ 22.3% BF = 65.3kg (18.7kg fat)

Like i suspected , the majority of the added weight over xmas was water weight and i probably only put on 0.2-0.4 kg of actual bodyfat