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2020 Arnold Canceled

So as the world tries to deal with the Covid-19 spread, my brother in law (who had qualified and planned to compete at the Arnold Expo this weekend) informed me that the entire event has been canceled.

I guess thousands of people traveling from all over to congregate in a giant enclosed space seemed like a dicey endeavor as health officials appear unclear on exactly how to contain this newfound disease.


From what I’m reading, at this point it’s just the booths that are cancelled, but general admission tickets can still get you in to watch the athletes compete. But a lot of conflicting information out there right now. Some places have said you need to have a ticket already, some not.

As of late last night what I heard was that athletes can show up and compete but no spectators… I’m sure this is all over the place in terms of what best to do.


yea, official word is that spectators ARE allowed, as of what I read about 15 minutes ago lol. I’ve found it in a few places now. Hopefully it stays that way.

‘The 2020 Arnold Sports Festival Expo has been cancelled, but the Arnold Classic competition will go on. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: If spectators already have a ticket they can attend’

The night show on Saturday is also going on as planned, for the BB and Pro Strongman finals.


Just saw this.


What is that going to do to the competitors that have been cutting to time their peak condition to occur at this place/time?

They can’t just stay like that for an unlimited amount of time, or just exist in a “4 weeks out” state until the new time and date is established, can they?

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