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2020 ADD Challenge

Would you not consider getting a coach to write a program specific to your goals. It takes away the guess work and give you some extra accountability??

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Seriously, how do you even go about finding one?

That is a really good question and would probably be a good thread starter on here. The first step is to determine what you want to achieve, no point using a powerlifting coach for BB or a BB coach for strongman.
For me the step would be either to get a recommendation from someone I trust or do some research online. Once you have a shortlist of those who have the right credentials then it’s a case of whether you feel you can work with their philosophies. No point working with a coach you won’t see eye to eye with. Some sort of online interview or discussion should take place to see 1 if they want to take you on and 2 if you want to be coached by then. It’s a 2 way thing.

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Dave Tate has an article on “Things to look for in a coach” I believe.

Probably not, I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to advice

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Alsruhe just dropped a “cookie cutter” program of his power builder template. He said he took info given to him from several athletes that ran their variation of the template and compiled it on this program. Has a 25 dollar price tag.

What tag is everyone using for their training log? I tried looking for some other people’s logs and the “committed 2020” tag is in use twice. Once by me. Once by this thread…

There’s both a committed2020 tag and a comitted2020 tag. Also, a vomitted2020 tag if anyone is interested.


After the 2nd bowl of chili to get that last bit of ground beef down, I vote for vomited2020.


Just learned how to tag my log, literally 5 minutes ago, lol

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