2020 ADD Challenge

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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I have an ongoing experiment that I don’t want to abandon because of the calendar so I’ll join in a little late.

Your plan can be to follow that experiment until it runs its course, then move onto “the next thing” cough… Deep Water cough…



DW isn’t for me.


I think I’ve formulated my plan.

I’m right in the middle of my first cycle of Advanced 5/3/1 and I don’t intend to change anything.

Current goals:

  • increase upper body muscle
  • increase OHP
  • maintain deadlift
  • increase power clean (getting back to my old level of power)
  • improve conditioning

This program hits all of those and allows for a bit of variety on the assistance.

I’m happy with my current weight but I’m treating myself too much. I don’t have a weight goal, but I know that gaining weight will boost my press. The problem with gaining weight is that it goes to my love handles first and I hate it.

@TrainForPain heres the meat of the program.

Week 1: 5x5 @ 75%
Week 2: 5x3 @ 85%
Week 3: 5x1 @ 95%

No PR sets or AMRAPS

I’m doing squat & power clean, Incline, deadlift, and OHP.

Optional work: 3x5 @ 75% on the alternate days. For me, that’s 3x5 squats and 3x5 cleans on deadlift day. 3x5 deads at the end of squat day. And with the hopes of growing, I’ve pushed that to 5x5 @ 75% of OHP on Incline day and vice versa.


One day to go guys, for anyone looking to join in. And 116 days to Christmas for anyone who’s counting.

My goals and plan are up in my Training Log for anyone who wants the detail, but essentially its 4 days a week, one for each main lift with a pre planned progression scheme.

Looks like a good set up J. Will be watching to see how you go. How will you determine success with the program ?


Well I’m going to finish this program first of all, 6 more weeks.Otherwise it kinda would defeat the purpose of the challenge right ahah?

I have time to figure what to do next

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My “plan,” such as it is, is in my log

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For physique - the scale, mirror, and tape measure.

For press - 1RM

For conditioning - if I’m still doing at least three sessions per week by the end of the year then it’s a win. From a performance standpoint, the DT WOD is a pretty good measuring stick. Decreased time and/or doing it with the prescribed 155 lbs instead of 135 would be victories. I might also use the misery factor for steady state running. If it seems to suck less then I’ll consider myself improved.


My plan is in my training log as well. Basically we are at a defcon 3 for work pants exploding. I’ll run BtM and I’m assuming at that point the defcon level should be at an all time high. My wife just bought me these damn things 3 months ago. I’ve gained about a good 11lbs over the last few months especially during the BBB Challenge, so that’s a good thing. It hasn’t all gone to my gut. I’ll run Reactive Pump at first just playing with carbs to slowly whittle down the weight. Unless again…the pants and more importantly my internal organs can’t take the restraint. I have a week left on the BBB Challenge and then I’ll deload/test then start up BtM. Looks like I’m going to be visiting the hen house more often. The chickens better put in some work. They are only producing about 5 a day as it is…got to step your game ladies!

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Already? I’m not prepared… :roll_eyes::rofl:


I’m about to upload my plan to my log. Its 2 stages - contest prep and then post contest fat shed. Really looking forward to this.


It’s interesting that pre-contest and post-contest are antonyms with regards to what they contain for the bodybuilder and the powerlifter.

That’s a fair point I’ve never considered. But you are 100% right. Strength athletes are trying hard to build as much strength as possible for the day which often means getting / stay big. Where as BB’s are looking to cut as much fat.

Its an odd juxtaposition.

So every day I am considering changes to my plan. I’ve been reading a lot of training logs and I tend to read from the beginning so lots of ideas are thrown about and hit me in the face.

Think I need to just knuckle down and stop looking for an alternatives… I would love to drop the running (doing it 3x week as per 531 Forever running protocol) but also have the thought in my head I will be a manly conditioned beast by Christmas if I keep it up. Only one way to find out?

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Dude, it’s the ADD challenge - that’s exactly why we’re here!

Sometimes I just get off the Internet when I start seeing shiny stuff.


I do this all the time as well. I use the same strategy @T3hPwnisher uses for cheat meals. I add it to a list of ideas or programs I want to run in future and promise myself that if it still seems like a smart and exciting idea when I get there, I do it. I literally have a google doc called “the back burner” full of ideas or programs that I could, theoretically, run and that at one point i thought were exciting.


@TrainForPain haha, I know. My first draft comment was way more whiney.

@dagill2 good idea, I’ll start a list!

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