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202 Mr. O



what a monster how the f do y0u get so strong lol! DC trainin baby!


damn I was only using the 45s for pin wheels today...fml Henry is a certified BEAST.

some more impressive videos
part 1

part 2


Impressive. If he did alternate curls that would be f...ing AMAZING. Hammers would be in between the 2 in terms of difficulty.


he does alternating dumbbell curls with 90s (seated mind you) I think in that first video I linked...


Yeah, I saw a similar heavy seated alt curls in his "Xtreme Measures" DC dvd. I think he mentioned he did not even like doing curls - imagine if he actually liked doing them.


he;s a beast


Thas damn impressive...the 100 pound dumbbells are as high as I can curl...


I think John Romano described him as looking like someone had hit Ronnie Coleman on the head with a dumbell (thus making him shorter) and then giving him better abs -lol.



In another thread, Prof X mentioned that he'd never want the winning criteria to return to around 200 lbs. I agree with this, but David Henry is the exception.

He's in my top 3 favorites right now.


Yeah, well, the exception would be short guys like David. David's a beast. Most guys over 5'9" to 6 feet are not anywhere near as impressive at only 200lbs.


you obviously have to consider height as well. a guy at 5 foot 5 who weighs 200lbs can still look extremely impressive, whereas its very unlikely a 6 foot guy will look impressive at 200lbs (there are exceptions). either way, david henry is insane i agree with u here.


another impressive 200lber


i heard that one too. it was something along the lines about how pound for pound, david henry has as much muscle as ronnie had


Well if that's you in your avatar I can see why, keep it up bro. I have gone as high as 80 for about 6 reps each arm, now I'm catching up at 75 because I got a stomach infection and hurt my foot, LOL (well it wasn't that funny).


Thanks my man.


Check out his profile! Awesome pics and vids. EVERY cop should be built like that.


This is the kind of person who should give advice on a bodybuilding forum, but "strangely" he follows the very same principle many big guys up here have echoed: lift BIG.


that guy is my idol


Another 5'5" beast! I got the 5'5" down and the 200lbs but no the beast part, working on it.

The funny thing is, from that pt 1 video; every newbie that saw the part where he said he gained a quater inch on his arms by doing drag curls, is doing them right now!