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2019 NHL Playoffs

I agree with you on Trotz. I never understood how Washington could just let him walk after bringing them to the promised land last year. The Caps are still good but I’d be more afraid of them if he was still at the helm. How do you not pay the guy?

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@flappinit I’m not an Islanders fan, but I am when they’re playing the Penguins, great to see! Chicago’s GM decided to fire their cup winning coach to cover up the past couple years of shit trades, and turns out the AHL coach they brought in (you’re supposed to bring up players not fucking coaches), didn’t turn things around for the playoffs. I’ve been lucky enough to see them win 3 cups somehow, so if they don’t win another game in their existence I’m still pretty fortunate, but things are starting to look like the days when Bill Wirtz was still alive.

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Chicago is definitely trending down but, as a Leaf fan, I’d kill for 3 recent cups. If I can just see them win one in my lifetime I’ll be happy. I can still picture Kane going top corner to win the first one over Philly…in and out so fast only he knew he had scored. Even as a non-Hawks fan, that was special to see.


Exactly, I can basically never complain from now on, and that goal was incredible. I spent the most time watching them in the 90’s when they gradually bottomed out after coming close against Pittsburgh (I mainly dislike Pittsburgh now because Crosby is a douche though, not because of that series). Growing up I still remember how bad those days hurt when they traded away Roenick, Belfour, and finally Chelios. Actually seeing them successful was fairly surreal.

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this would explain it only if they haven’t been really good for a few years, one year losing in the conference finals.

they have been mentally tested already, and should have been prepared for the playoffs by now.

Ya I hear you…it’s a pretty thin excuse but, I can’t think of any other way to explain it. It’ll be interesting to see how this year is remembered for them; either an amazing record setting regular season or a disastrous record setting post-season.

Big win by the Leafs. The momentum literally swings from one game to the next in this series…neither team can seem to string together two good efforts in a row. That Matthews goal was a little greasy but, I’ll take it. No idea how this one’s going to end.

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Chicago might not be done yet. Kane is still Kane, Toews is still young enough to rediscover his game, Debrincat is a young star, Strome has played like a borderline 1C since coming over, and they have a great group of young D prospects (plus guys like Murphy and Gustaffsson still in their primes). Saad is still a good young player albeit a little overpaid.Their issues are an aging Keith, Seabrook’s contract, and instability in goal with Crawford’s health. They have the 3rd overall pick in the draft which could add a potential legit 1D in Byram, but he probably doesn’t hit that potential fast enough (if ever) to capitalize on their closing window. They could explore trading that pick but I’m not sure what they could get for it that would both A) be fair value, and B) help them win now.

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I’m a Canucks fan so these last few years have sucked but the future looks bright. I guess I’m pulling for the Avs or Knights in these playoffs considering they’re my last hope for my playoff pool with Tampa and Pittsburgh getting bounced in short order.

Also, go Bruins. I’ll cheer for anybody that’s playing Toronto.

So now the west champs join the east on the sidelines after first round exits. Crazy how so many of the top seeds are going down so early. And not just going down but getting thoroughly dominated on the way out the door. The door is definitely WIDE open for any team that can make it through the first round. Mackinnon basically beat Calgary singlehandedly. One of the best individual performances in a series over the last few years. And the full story isn’t even told by the stat sheet…he looked dangerous every time he had the puck and was causing the Flames fits with his speed and those hard cuts to the net. I usually don’t pay much attention to the western conf but I really enjoyed watching him play each game in that series.

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As a Leaf fan, I’ll ignore your last comment (ha ha) and ask you if you think this Pettersson is the real deal? I don’t pay close enough attention to the Western Conference to have my own opinion but, this season I don’t think I once heard the Canucks mentioned without hearing his name. Also, as an aside, I live in probably the only town in Ontario with a sizeable Canucks fan base as it is the hometown of Kevin Bieksa. The number of homes sporting Canucks flags and paraphernalia probably rivals some on the weat coast.

Petey is phenomenally skilled. Great skater. I think probably already one of the highest IQ players in the league too, he just thinks the game on another level. His big issue right now is his size, I think he’s like 6’2 and 175 pounds. That’s what he’s listed st but he might weight even less, his shoulders are quite narrow and he’s rail thin. He’s deceivingly strong though (as much as you can be at that size) as he can hammer the puck and does win more puck battles than you’d think. He’s really willing to engage in physicality, which is promising for if and when he does fill out more. He just wore down over the season. First half of the year he had like 45 points, second half he had about 26. Shot lost some zip which was probably the big difference.

Bieksa is the man! First jersey I ever bought. I’m not sure if you’ve seen him in interviews much but he’s a really funny guy, very dry sense of humour. Graduated with a BBA from Bowling Green with like a 3.8 GPA, very smart guy. I’d like to see him get into broadcasting some day in some capacity.

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Caps-Hurricanes game 7. Crazy series. Both teams have had shutouts. So I want Barry to play his old team? Hmm.

that was one of the craziest games I’ve seen in a long time. worth staying up late.

we can argue if that deserved a 5min penalty, I’d say no but it is what it is now.

Vegas was the better team but it is nice to see the Sharks go through.


The process that gave Vegas its super team last year was an absolute farce, kind of nice to see the Sharks advance just because of that. Expansion teams are supposed to suck for at least a little while, pay your dues.

There are definitely some positives, but at the end of the day there’s an AHL coach and a concussion prone goalie.

Yeah I’m not sure how they go about fixing the goalie thing. Goalies are weird though, someone could come out of nowhere and play lights out. Binnington this year, Hammond a couple years ago, etc.

Firing coach Q was a mistake. Apparently Bowman wanted to do it for years due to some personal/philosophical differences between the two but couldn’t because the team kept winning. As soon as things headed south he canned Q when really it was Bowman’s own decisions that lead to the Blackhawks decline.

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I think it’s better for the league if the team comes out already decent.

Look at Phoenix. I can’t believe they’re even still around.

Omfg, this caps-canes game 7…

I’m trying to go to bed… how are the caps really going to double overtime against this Carolina team? this is absurd.