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2019 NFL Thread

Week 1 Thursday night snoozer. Make or break year for Trubisky and GM Pace by extension.

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So Lev Bell looked meh in his jets debut.

Rat birds stomping the dolphins either means Lamar was a sleeper and is really good this year, or the Dolphins are tanking on purpose.

The Patriots getting Brown. Nobody who roots for 31 teams believe that is legit. That is shady for days.


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AB is what’s wrong with the world. He:

  1. didn’t show up to work
  2. tried to change the rules for himself (helmet issue)
  3. talked bad about his boss
  4. basically quit by asking to be released

And got $15 million dollars for it. Apparently selfish entitlement works.


Chiefs looked good and Tyreek will be back when it matters. Going to enjoy watching the team before they send me to my usual mental breakdown in the playoffs. I just get ready to check in the hospital sometime in January each year.


I’m not sold yet. The Dolphins are probably the worst team in the league. The Raven’s have a shit ton of talent on offense, though, for once. Hollywood Brown looks like a legit threat.

Fuck AB and it looks like Baker Mayfield came back down to earth.

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It is going to be a rough year as a Dolphin’s fan, good lord, I don’t even think we’re going to have a ‘Fitzmagic’ run where we win a couple games we shouldn’t, ha. They need to test Rosen though, he’s basically a rental, need to see if they need to go into the draft looking for a QB or building elsewhere.

Am I the only one that got a kick out of the whole AB thing? I’m biased towards the players though, hard. I think teams and franchises are some of the worst people on earth when it comes to loyalty (along with fans),

Franchise: “Hey, this guy hasn’t produced this year, we need to move on and upgrade.”
Fans: “Yep, he’s just not the same, should’ve gotten something for him last year!”

Excellent player: “I don’t want to play for this shitty franchise because I have a career lifespan of 5-8 years in which I can get payed and/or win a Super Bowl, trade me to someone who gives a shit so I don’t waste my earning potential locked into a no-win situation.”
Fans: “Where’s the fucking loyalty? What a piece of shit cry baby, dude should be happy he’s getting paid what he is, etc., etc., etc.”

I find that shit absolutely hilarious.


I’ve got no problem with the business end of things, but I can’t stand the Diva mentality.

I agree, it’s unnecessary, what makes it funny is that the fans are easily the biggest divas in and around any sport, I’ve seen literal fights in Buffalo Wild Wings over a football game…like…wut…the hypocrisy of those people calling someone like AB (who admittedly has not handled the situations he’s been put in with grace) a diva, is just too much.

Oh for sure. People are dumb. I made the mistake of clicking the comments section on a Raven’s social media post during the game. People take sports way to serious.

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I don’t believe this. It’s rare to see a player take less money to play for a winner. They all look out for their pocket book only. Last year’s case and point: LeVeon Bell.

Now, I understand the whole franchise tag and rookie contract stuff. It kinda sucks, but that’s a union problem (NLFPA). Dude chose to play for the Jets due to money issues.

I understand the perspective of these guys. So and so got this much money and I’m better than him, so pay me more money. It’s how the market works. But when I look at it from my perspective, I have no sympathy. It’ll take me 10 years to make as much money as the minimum salary in the NFL. I really don’t feel bad for someone who gets offered $9 million when he wants $20 million.

$1 million is more than I’ll make in 30 years of working. I could take $1 million now and retire very happily. Why are they complaining?

Jackson’s comments post gamer were gold, “Not bad for a running back.” :joy:

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That was pretty funny. I don’t blame him, but he shouldn’t blame the fans either. Iirc, he had the most yards for a QB after playing 6 or 7 games. He barely threw the ball last year. It was like watching Navy play (boring, imo).

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Well all things consider the Colts looked o.k.

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We’ve created a demand that only exceptional athletes can supply, there are a finite number of those, they get blank checks. I look at it on my level and say, “Wait, I’m better looking, hilarious, and more qualified than the guy sitting at the desk across from me, and that potato gets paid the same as me?!” If I’ve created such a reputation/performed well enough, I can go to my boss and say, hey let’s talk about money and my value to your organization, or my possible value to another person’s organization. The paychecks are bigger, but the thinking is the same, to me.

To be fair AB earned his “Diva” status by breaking team rules, arriving to training camp in a helicopter (that landed illegally), going 110mph on McKnight Road (very crowded place, easily could’ve killed someone), assaulting his baby momma, throwing furniture out of his Miami apartment…almost hitting a toddler, throwing a Gatorade cooler etc…

This isn’t a guy who just wanted paid and held out. I have 1000% more respect for LeVeon Bell: “I want X”… “how about Y?”… “nope, I quit”

Every guy in here has probably done the above. We just didn’t have jobs that prevented us from working elsewhere for a year.


Yeah, what the hell?! I thought you’d at least be on par with the Dolphins :joy: Hooker (I believe) had that insane one handed INT

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Agreed, he’s a diva, and quite possibly crazy as a hatter, I just get a kick out of him and the circus he creates, as opposed to mad (like a majority of fans) That’s where I find the hilarity, that fans can get mad at a man they’ve never met, experiencing situations we may actually (albeit a much smaller scale) experience, and then telling him to do x, y, or z, ‘cuz reasons’, when if another company that asks you to do the exact same job for twice the pay comes along, you (collective you, I, we) would jump ship in a heart beat!

I think football is a bit different in this aspect. Every year we see proof that this isn’t always accurate. I think the QB position is the only spot where it can make or break a team.

How many times do we see a franchise RB get hurt and the no name sub comes along and puts up nearly identical numbers?

The WR position needs certain characteristics, but they can be found in a lot of places. A guy named Dorsett for the Pats had a pretty darn good night last night and now people are wondering if AB is going to fit in. It went from “we need to get this guy in place ASAP” to “I wonder how he’ll fit in” in one game.

I’ve seen teams need a WR with certain skills, but those skills can be found in a lot of guys. AB’s success has been a combination of his skills, his QB’s skills, and his offensive line’s skills. Take one of those away and he might just appear to be an above average guy with average numbers.

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You have to remember that people may be a bit annoyed the evil empire is stacking their roster through what appears to be tampering, which is against the rules. That’s not on AB, he probably couldn’t spell tampering.

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I’m good with it, the Pats are the Dolphins only guaranteed game every year

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