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2019 NBA Playoffs

The lead up to GSWs next title starts Sunday, but this year they won’t be knocking of LeBron!

Bucks vs Pistons
Raptors vs Magic
76ers vs Nets
Celtics vs Pacers

Warriors vs Clippers
Nuggets vs Spurs
Trail Blazers vs Thunder
Rockets vs Jazz

There should be some good basketball in this first round. I don’t really expect any upsets in the East, but the West could have one or two.

The finals should actually be entertaining this year too, even if GSW wins again the games will be competitive and there will be some fresh faces.

what is the reason thunder play blazers, and not rockets? just curious

First round winners:

76ers (will go to 7 games against Nets)

Trail Blazers

But at the end of the day it’ll be Warriors in 5 in the finals.

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Must be some kind of tie-breaker that went the blazers way. Maybe they won the season series or something?

I wouldn’t be surprised of the Spurs, Thunder, or Jazz pulled off a first round upset.

I’m thinking six games for the finals, barring any big time injuries.

for me first round winners:
celtics (eventhough i would like indiana to go through)

trailblazers, also i hope

anyway my vision is bucks-warriors finals with 4:3 for warriors

I expect OKC to beat the blazers handily. Otherwise chalk.

Maybe Utah can beat the rockets, too. But I hope not.

If PG13 is healthy I can see it. I think a lot rests on that mans shoulder right now though. Too bad about Nurkic, I was pulling for the Blazers despite that they’d obviously not go the distance.

If the Jazz take out the Rockets, I’ll be a happy guy haha.

Lots of upsets this weekend!

That C’s Pacers game last night was incredible. I’m a filthy Celtics fan, but I don’t know how anyone that has a neutral viewership could not get a kick out of the final 2 minutes of the game.