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2019 Bulking Steroid Stack

week 1-8
test E 500mg
decca 300mg
dbol 50mg 4 weeks only

week 8-16
test E 750mg
tren E 300 mg whats yalls input on that dosage? should i do more?

HCG 250mg every 4 days
Aromosin 12.5 or more depending on gyno Everyday

cycle support
fish oil

anything i should change?

Have you done your research on the sides associated with Tren?

yes i have

Switch the deca to NPP (fast deca). The increase of test dosage isn’t long enough to get the added benefit at the higher dose. Just pick one dose and stick to it the entire run. The enanthate ester needs to be run at least ten weeks for it to do what it does, I would switch the tren to tren ace since you only want 8 weeks on it.
All that said it looks like you want to build then cut. I use to do this too, it never returned spectacular results either way. I recommend the entire cycle you eat and train for lean mass. Not only will the cycle results be better the long term results will be better.

The aromasin I would start at that dose but just on test injection days then adjust if necessary. Chances are the 12.5 on injection days will be enough.

I am not real versed in HCG but I think 250ius every 4 days seems low. Hopefully someone with more experience will chime in.

All that said you didn’t provide any info about yourself , experience, anything. I hope you understand what you are getting yourself into however with how you laid this out I think you don’t have the knowledge or experience to be mixing two 19nor’s in one cycle. I would even be hesitant to say you should use just one.
And lastly, I noticed you didn’t state your age.

Stopping Deca after 8 weeks is bad practice. Its needs to be run on longer cycles or switch to NPP for 8 weeks instead. Same goes for the Tren E. Pick one or the other if running long esters and longer cycle duration or switch esters for both.

you think i could just front load i was planning to do that but yeah if not ill do it that way

i might switch to short etsers. besides anyways aromosin right now i use it everyday. i think im gyno prone. im about to add more my last few cycles my gyno has gotten worse so ive had to use more. i use hcg 500mg a week actually. thanks for tryna help me with it allways like to read others suggestions just to be safe.
“in a away”

500mg HCG? You sure? :crazy_face:

idk maybe🤷😚 250 twice a week works for me nuts twice a big as usual and nut like a cannon so i think that 500mg a week is enough what ? do i need more?

He is poking at you, HCG is measured in IU’s or international units but you wrote mg or milligrams.

So the gyno keeps getting worse yet you are taking more and more AI aka aromasin or arimidex. Let’s look at that. First are you sure your AI is good? Let’s assume that even if it is under dosed it contains active ingredients and is somewhat close to labeled dose. So you keep taking more and are still getting gyno. Maybe it’s not the aromatized Testosterone that is making that estrogen after all you are blocking that process with the AI. HCG causes our balls to aromatize test that NO amount of AI can block. The only thing you can do is block that estrogens ability to grow gyno. You need Nolvadex to block that estrogen. Now the Nolvadex will do nothing to control overall estrogen levels all it does in this case is bind to the tissue so estrogen can not. So if you just take Nolvadex and you are one of those guys that aromatizes test like no one’s business then you will still get bloated and have libido/erection issues possibly.

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week 1 to 8
750mg test E
400mg npp

week 1 - 4
50mg Anadrol

week 8 to 16
1000mg of test e
400mg tren Ace or 600? what would you perfer would be best? ive ran 300

week 1 - 16 mk677 50mg

hcg 500iu twice a week

aromosin dosage varys
novadex dosage varys
if gyno gets to out of hand ill combine the two if not ill just use aromosin

cycle support
fish oil
muti vtm

any peptides or anything else to improve the cycle more? or anything to change?

Jesus Christ.

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If you’re bulking why not run the NPP throughout and skip the tren? Nandrolone is so good for bulking I find it hard to believe you’d need to switch to tren midway through. Plus you’d get another eight weeks of benefits to your joints, which helps recovery, which helps you grow, etc. Also, is a gram of test strictly necessary? What’s your current size?

Assuming you’re 20 years old by that username?


Something about giving advice on this thread makes me uncomfortable. Your username and the cycle layout just doesn’t give me a good feeling.

For the sake of helping sense your gonna do it regardless. Pick one tren or npp and run it all the way thru. My choice would be tren 300 straight thru. Save anadrol for the end yoh won’t need a “kick start” starting with tren ace. That in itself is a kick start. And Ditch the sarm. Also that much testosterone is ridiculous. You will get absolutely no added benefits from using that much test alongside tren and anadrol except added side effects and jacked up estrogen

Get yourself some caber as well

im originally was gonna do 500 first 8 then 750 second im around 220 at around 8% im cutting rn on 50 mg winny 500 test and 300 tren

thanks for the input and the test im thinking about lowering it tbh im having a bodybuilder who used to train with ronnie help me but hes kinda outrageous how he told me to start 750 then a gram most ive ran is 750 i was around 235 tho with abs at 6"2 just lost alot of size due to mental bs going on

yk what fuck it yeah i am and ive ran 4 cycles since the day i turned 18 this would be 5th. i just want more than 1 persons input. i have bodybuilders and people helping me in my gym and i train to the point i throw up atleast once a week. i love working out its my passion and yk what ive lost everything so this is all i have. ive done years of reserch since i was 16. if you wanna help me thank you if not fine idc. sorry if i came off rude i just know everyone wont even help me if i tell em.

That’s fair enough. I’m not interested in the reasons why you’re doing it, it’s your life. Good luck to you bro

Why do people think that puking is hardcore? I’ve seen guys who carry buckets around with them in case they puke. Gotta be the stupidest thing ever.

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