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2019: A Better IronOne


Enjoy and have one for me too :slight_smile:

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3/10/2019 - Legs - 192.1

Roll, quick 3, stick sh ext rot, planks, arm circles

45x2x8, 75x8, 95x8, 115x8, 135x8, 155x8, 145x8, 135x8

Spanish Squat
BWx20, 18x10, 26x10, 44x10, 26x10

Hollow Hold
x3 R/P

30 min incline treadmill walk

Squat form felt pretty good. Instead of pairing another exercise, all rest time was spent on ankles and calf stretching/prep. Squat is starting over. I’m good with that.

I think the bar path is good!


3/12/2019 - Chest/Back - 192.1

Quick 3, band shoulders, few dislocates,

Low Incline DB Press
10x20, 30x20, 50x20, 60x10, 10, 9
Paused Ring Pushup
Red Band Assisted Strict Chinup
-alt with-
KB Single Arm Row
44x10, 62x10, 80x10+62x10+44x10

Band Pressdowns
25, 25, 15, 15
Red Band Assisted Strict Chinup

This workout grouping elicits an insane pump. Weight going wrong direction. Got to commit to diet. Starting tomorrow I’m eliminating a few items. Should get me back on track. Also need to be careful with my weekly cheat, I think I’ve been going overboard.


I had to eliminate this years ago because it would be a large pizza followed by ice cream. It would take all week to recover and then I’d do it again.

I have to settle for occasional cheats now and I’ve been able to stay close to my calories thanks to planning ahead.

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That’s pretty much what I’m doing, and I can tell it’s doing more harm than good. I need to cut the portion in half, basically, and should be fine.

I woke this morning at 191.7, but it is by far the best I have looked. 6 pack clear as day. So I may have a recomp effect occurring. Can’t just look at scale. I also think I’m in that no man’s land right now, as it comes to body comp. I’ve been here before. The next breakthrough will be when I look good pretty much 24-7. Been here, done this.

I’m also about 10 days into Carbolin-19, forgot to note that. It may be keeping my weight up and helping me lean out at the same time. I’m low dosing for 60 days to see what happens (2 pills per day, split dose).

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Well, you ought to get a commission or something b because I just read up on Carbolin 19 and bought four bottles. I haven’t spent much of supplements for the past couple years so I figure it’s an acceptable splurge.

The dose says two pills in the morning followed by two more six hours later. Do you think that’s overkill?


I’ve always done 2/2 dosing. Figured I’d do 1/1 dosing this time due to heart stuff and to lengthen the cycle with what I had on hand.

Works well. Subtle, but I’ve always noticed some help leaning out and retaining muscle. I’ve only taken it when I’m cutting as a retaining aid. Any help with shedding fat is a bonus.

You’ll like it.

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3/13/2019 - Misc/Cardio - 191.7

40 min quick pace walk outside

Single Arm/Leg Plank + Reg RKC Plank x 2
Side Plank w/ Abd x 2

Stretch pecs
2 x 1 min active hangs
Shoulder prehab

20 min walk with family post dinner

Very strict with diet today, will have nice dry drop in weight tomorrow AM at weigh in.


3/14/2019 - Legs - 190.1

Rolling, quick 3, planks

Low Handle TBDL
95x8, 135x8, 185x8, 225x8, 215x8, 205x8
BWx10, 18x10, 26x10, 44x3x10

1 min active hangs 2x

I even braced a little bit on those TBDLs, and had no issues. HR got up there, but I never felt out of control or dizzy. Progress!

Having a very good eating week. Neighborhood pizza party with friends Saturday night. One of our neighbors makes homemade cheesecake for our parties. Have to figure out how I want to game plan this…


Pizza first. Then cheesecake. Idiot Proof!

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Haha! Simplicity at its finest. I mean, let’s be honest. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. The real question is whether I eat 8 pieces of pizza and two big slices of cheesecake or 4 pieces of pizza and 1 piece of cheesecake :slight_smile:

  1. binge and purge
  2. fast all day and pig out
  3. eat normal, pig out, make up for it later

I’ve been going with option 2 lately.

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Hey Iron the way things have been and how you’re doing now it’s a no brainer:

As J said fast throughout the day and enjoy and celebrate that you’re getting back to putting weight on the bar without hickups.
Really happy to read that things gets better by the day.

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3/16/2019 - Shoulders/Arms - 189.4 lbs new low

Rolling, quick 3, band shoulder series,

Incline Axle Press
25x2x8, 55x8, 75x8, 105x8, 125x8, 140x8, 150x2x8, 145x8+115x6 (quick drop)
BWx2x12 (wow), +26x3x5
-alt with-
KB Single Arm Rows
44x10, 62x10, 80x3x10

Band Laterals

Tempo Skull Crusher
45x40, 65x10, 75x2x10
Axle Curl
35x40, 55x10 (3s ecc), 65x2x10 (3s eccentric)

1 min active hang x2

New low body weight and performed well in gym. Decided to push pace a little more today, and the weights a bit. This is a huge step in the right direction. 2 sets of 12 rep controlled chins superset with all the other work really tells me I’m moving in the right direction all around. Heart behaved well, even with the more aggressive pace and weights. Think it is beginning to tell me to slowly ramp up.


Nice, on both the weight and the chins. It feels good when things work the way they’re supposed to.

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This is so good news Iron.
great workout

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3/17/2019 - Legs - 190.5 lbs

Arm circles, Rolling, quick 3, stick ext stretch, hip circle squats

45x2x8, 75x8, 95x8, 115x8, 135x8, 155x8, 175x8, 165x8, 155x8

RDL (5s Ecc + pause)
45x10, 75x10, 95x10, 115x10, 135x2x10
Single Arm/Leg RKC Planks + RKC Planks (1:30 total hold time) x2
-alt with-
Ab Wheel
-alt with-
Side Plank w/Abd + Hold x2

Making consistent steady progress. More weight, better reps. That’s a winning combo to live by. Zero pain.

Regarding last night and pizza + cheesecake. I did good. Kept it to 4 pizza slices and 1.5 slices cheesecake + 2-3 servings fruit. I wanted more, alot more, but held off.


3/19/2019 - Chest/Back - 189.4 lbs

45 min walk 2 hours prior to workout

Arm circles, Quick 3, band shoulder series

Low Incline DB Press
10x20, 30x20, 50x20, 60x3x10
Paused Ring Pushups (feet down)
Red Band Assisted Strict Chins
15, 13, 13
-alt with-
Dual Arm Green Band Rows

OH Band Ext
20, 3x30

Active Hang with Patterns

Finally got the 3x10 with all the other crap. Final set and reps were not grinders either. 189.4 is a tied low weight.


1/21/2019 - Legs - 189.5 lbs

Rolling, quick 3, arm circles

Low Handle TBDL
95x8, 135x8, 185x8, 225x8, 245x8, 235x2x8
BWx10, 18x10, 26x10, 44x10, 62x10, 44x10

Hanging Knee Up

More steps forward. 20-30lbs more on the bar than last week. RFESSs were much easier today than last week, with more weight. No pain.

Continuing to lean up without dropping pounds. Tells me I’m nailing my nutrition and output. I did however have a hot dog, pulled chicken and beef brisket with a salad and Cole slaw for lunch. Blew the budget, but stayed away from mac n cheese, cookies, etc. Only real carbs was the hot dog bun. Cals were high I’m sure though…went straight to gym after though, hopefully that helped at least a little.

Happy with the way things are going.


Progress continues to impress, and I like that you’re being able to recomp without dropping weight. I’ve taken a slight lead in the weight loss, and all it took was a nasty flu bug to kill my appetite and take me out of the gym for a week!