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2019: A Better IronOne


Yeah, mine does too unfortunately. Just have to rest a lot like you indicated. I view it safer than deads and squats though, which flat out stress everything and make me valsalva which I’m pretty sure is what triggered arrythmia when I front squatted last week. Cannot have that.



5s Ecc Axle OHP
25x8, 45x8, 65x8, 75x8, 85x8, 95x8, 85x8, 75x8
-alt with-
Meadows Rows
20x10, 40x10, 50x3x10

Orange Band Resisted Slow Ecc w/ Pause Feet Elevated Ring Pushups
3x8 - that was hard but very effective

30 min low inc walk

95x8 Axle 5s Ecc OHP

The 5s ecc is really humbling, especially without being able to properly brace with a valsalva. This was a fun and effective workout. I will keep these slow eccentrics for awhile and see if they truly do anything superior. If anything, they’re helping me keep the bar weight down , which is helping me recover and is overall easier on my heart and general body. Those pushups were ballbusters too. Love it. No heart issues.


Good job staying tight under there.


Yeah, really hard…thanks. rep 8 was a tell tell sign I was done with the body shimmy.

Also, need to note I was 192 lbs this morning. Down about 8 lbs so far. I’ll probably try to slowly work my way down to 180. I’ll be leaner than I’ve ever been at that weight. Last year I had a 6 pack at about 186-188. Had a faint 6 pack this morning, all day clear 4 pack. Cant wait to start back at the track. It has literally rained 2 straight weeks.


Welcome to the six pack band wagon!

It’s funny how when the body fights back we turn to physique goals.



Warmup with quick 3 and arm circles

Single Arm OH KB RFESS
x10, 18x10, 26x10, 44x10, 62x10, 44x10
Orange Band + Plate Laterals
20, 2.5x20, 5x2x20, 10x3x10

KB PJR Pullover
18x25, 26x25, 44x3x15 (last set with orange band)
Band Curls

Plank Variations

30 min walk

Single Arm KB RFESS 62x10

Back pic. Despite all the health crap, maybe best ever? Doing something right? Going to look much bigger as I lean out.

This workout was damn good. I think I’ll call my new style functional bodybuilding ya feel me?


Nice wingspan developing there.


That was freaking awesome Iron :slight_smile:
And a barn door back, looking good.


Made that RFESS look easy. I don’t even like mine with 50 lbs holding the weight like a goblet squat. You had to go all Tommy Topper and use more weight and put it overhead.


Nice work buddy. Seems like you are finding the sweet spot for your training!



Warmup with quick 3 and arm circles

Flat 5s Eccentric Swiss Bar Bench Press
45x6, 75x6, 95x6, 115x6, 135x6, 155x6, 165x6, 145x8, 95x17
-alt with-
Band Single Arm Rows

30x10, 40x10, 50x3x10
Diamond Pushups

Chest was on fire from the eccentric work. Im not sure how long that 17 rep set lasted, but it was a long ass time. I was so fried too. Need to step up the cut slightly. On path, but it’s probably time to remove my morning toast. Not cool.


Yes, those suck. I’ve programmed some of those in as well but I hope to fail at 10 reps or less.

Man, I feel your pain. I haven’t eaten much bread since I dialed things in with my nutrition. I am not able to eyeball my food or eat instinctively. Prior to my reality check I was eating four to six slices of bread a day.


It’s so easy to eat too much, when not counting. I’ll just have a slice of bread, and before you know it it’s 2, 3 or more.

@IronOne 5s eccentric sounds like something I’ll try along the way. At some point I’ll change focus from strength to hypertrophy.

did you do 5 seconds eccentric on all 17 sets? damn tough.


3/1/2019 - Shoulders/Arms

Warmup: arm circles, plank variations and band shoulder stuff

Axle OHP
25x8, 55x8, 75x8, 95x8, 105x8, 115x8, 105x2x8
Band Laterals + Weight
x20, 2.5x20, 5x2x20
-alt with-
Rear Laterals on Low Inc Bench
10x20, 12.5x3x20

Ring Pushups (feet on bench)
12+6+4 (R/P)

Tempo Skull Crusher
35x25, 45x25, 55x25, 75x10
Axle Curl
35x25, 40x25, 45x25, 65x10

Took it deep into the cut today, so was pretty malnourished/ carb depleted. Was taking those band+weight laterals to failure, so the axle OHP were fatigued. 115 was a hard set. Good workout. Getting back to the chest/back, legs, shoulders/arms template.


Great session keep it up



Heart update: doing well! I feel like I’m probably on the perfect track. Have not noticed any arrhythmias in a few weeks now. I feel like my endurance and aerobic capacity are slowly coming back. I still get dizzy if I push the threshold, but I’m excited to say that the threshold continues to move higher. However, it’s clear to me that I’m 100% not ready to strain under heavy squats and deadlifts. That may still be a few months out, to be honest. I’m cool with that. However, I do believe I am going to start bringing back submax squats for reps. Thinking tomorrow I’m going to start with 95x2x20. Probably pair that with band leg curls.

Also, I’m about to hit up the track today for the first time this season. Not sure how much I can handle, but I do plan to work up to about 70-80% on 4x200 runs. Then a good bit of walking. Providing weather permits, I would like to make it to the track 2x per week. Trackwork has always been my magic bullet when cutting.

I’m going to commit to tracking my weight now, so I’ll have a morning weigh in.


Great stuff to read Iron.
Happy that you’re getting better all the time.
Be careful 20 rep squats are a beast and taxing no matter the weight.


Thanks Mort, yes I plan to be very careful and stay well shy of failure and max oxygen.

As far as physique, here’s some of my better captures from the last 2 years. I plan to destroy these.


3/2/2019 - Track

2 lap walk
Single arm/leg planks
Hip abd/add side planks

6x200 repeats - 70-80% all reps

Surprisingly good recovery on only 200m fast pace walk active rest between reps. No lightheadness. Win.

4 lap walk
Single arm/leg planks
Hip abd/add side planks

Euphoric. Sun was out. LOVE.

Edit: more cardio. 1:15 mins work in yard including a push mow. Time to rest.


Great physique in those shots. Pretty solid