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2019: A Better IronOne


My man!

Finish that pie damnit!


Nice. Pizza!


2/10/2019 - Legs

Warmup with rolling, quick 3, hip circle

Low Handle TBDL
95x8, 135x8, 185x8, 225x8, 255x8, 225x2x8
x10, 18x10, 26x5x10

Hollow Hold

Abduction and Adduction Side Planks
x15 each 1 time through

Incline Bench Y Raises & Scarecrows (2.5)
3x10 each

Man, I actually felt strong today, but my body let’s me know real quick when the thresholds been met. Dizzy on the 255 set, so backed down from there. Had not been that, could have pulled much more weight. Plenty of time for that though. The TBDL and RFESS really pair well together.

Had this to show for after:


Damn, rfess make my legs feel strong and indestructable. If I couldn’t squat @JMaier31 , this move would suffice JUST fine.

Feeling great. Hoping my workout capacity will improve soon. Regardless, I’m going to take it nice and slow and let my heart and body decide what I do.

I re-read Lee Boyce’s article on ‘Lifters over 30 need to get real.’ It speaks DIRECTLY to me haha. My weights are going to suffer, but I just need to get over it. Everything will be lifted with tempo/slow eccentrics and pauses. I’ll note what I’m doing, but that’s the deal. I’m also not dipping below 6 reps anymore. I’ll use intensity techniques. R/P, quick drops, etc. I have zero pains right now. I think I’m pretty much unrestricted, minus flat bench perhaps, but even that may be OK now. In no hurry to find out though.

Thinking tonight will be:

Tempo Incline Axle Bench Press R/P (25 rep target goal)
Tempo Eccentric Chins (high rep band assisted)

10x10 laterals (side ssw/ rear)

I think I can get this done in under 35 mins with warmup if my work capacity allows.


I used RFESS and 20-22" box squats in place of squats and a squat variation (front, zercher) the last time I ran SGSS.

I built up to 225 x 1 on RFESS.

They’re still in my toolbox for leg training but my ankle doesn’t like them. I lost some ROM when I broke it in 2014. I might try to use the padding on the decline bench or a barbell in the rack with the pad to get around that in the future.

Today I’m going to try split squat deadlifts or play on the new hack squat machine.


2/12/2019 - Shoulders/Arms

Warmup with rolling, quick 3, arm circles

Incline Axle Bench (5s eccentric)
25x8, 55x5, 75x5, 115x14+5+4 (23)
Band Assisted Chins
2x10 (orange), 2x10 (red), 1x15 (purple)

Lateral+Rear Lateral
Band Pressdowns

Didnt hit actual failure on inc, but got to where it was real hard, maybe RPE9. Super slow ecentrics (5s) toasted me. Will stay this weight next time and see if I can get the 25. Awesome pump on the super strict banded chins. Back about blew out da tank!


You’ve got a serious back Iron. And quads as well.
I must read that over 30 article at some point. I just have a goal to get to before I can do it.
Btw have you tried Poul Carters 350 set?
3 sets to get to 50 reps ?


Oh yeah, I like the 350 method. Condensed high rep work. Love it, especially for assistance (and time saving!)


I need to commit to this cut. I’ve been slacking. Not bad choices, but big portion sizes. I know from experience what my portion sizes need to be, so it’s just a matter of sticking to the game plan. Helps that my wife is cutting too. She’s usually the one peer pressuring me into ice cream etc.

Feeling good lately, minus the very poor work capacity and exertion constraints. Very happy with where I’m at though, still less than 1 month post-op.


Embrace the hunger! But I wouldn’t beat myself up if I were you because you’re limited on how hard you can train or exert yourself. Burning less calories means you have to eat even less calories to lose weight. And that sucks.


Ok, no weights for awhile. Heart said no. Too many warning signs to be screwing around.

Had a rough week. Very low energy, tried to front Squat Thursday, could not keep hr down below 120. Lightheaded. SVTs during (confirmed with portable ECG), which immediately subsided after workout.

Will stick with bodyweight work and walks, for the next 2 weeks minimum. Clean diet.

Did 5x10 ring pushups with 5x5 chins today. Lots of rest between to let hr settle. This was fine, and is the absolute threshold right now.


Really scary stuff mate, best of luck with the recovery and take it easy!


Thank you, and that’s the plan!


I don’t think the exertion would be any less than squatting but you could always start working towards those crazy body weight feats of strength. The human flag, airwalk/stair step pull ups, front levers, etc.


Really, I just need to be recovering for the next 2 months. Not working towards anything. Sucks, but that’s the reality, which I’m coming to terms with. Any extra inflammation in my body right now is not good. I need to be letting my burnt heart heal, not working it or putting stress on it.

So, I’ll loosely do some pushups, chins, rfess and maybe arm stuff and laterals. Outside of that, no big basic work. Not ready for it. Probably 2 light workouts a week, hoping to maintain something while I cut weight.

Gotta get healed up, first and foremost.


This man this.
Do some walks to get the blood flowing throughout the body.

Do a BIT of pushups, chins, BW squats, just to let your body know it still needs the muscles.
It’s only a couple of month, you’ll get through.



x10, 18x10, 26x3x10
Tempo Skullcrusher + CGBP
35x50, 55x20+20, 65x3x15+15
KB Curl R-L-R-L

45 minute walk.

Highest HR I recorded was 113. No dizziness, so I think I did it right. Had a nice walk after.

I’ll take the next 2 or so days off any strength training and eat well and do my walks. Def making progress on the cut.

Next workout I’ll do laterals, ring rows and probably DB SLDL.


2/20/2018 - Chest/Back

Warmup w/ quick 3, arm circles and band w’s

Incline Axle Press (5s eccentric)
25, 55, 75, 95x8, 115x8, 135x8, 125x8, 120x8
KB Row
44x8, 62x3x10
-alt with-
Ring Row

KB Laterals

Heart behaved.


Heart update: had a good week. Lots of rest, low stress. Heart has been quiet mostly, which is great. Still have poor stamina and heart rate jumps fast with even walking. I’ve been taking daily 2 mile walks, and my HR stays around 110. Crazy for me. Anything much above that I get dizzy, so need to keep it below that currently. Hopefully I start seeing some improvement soon in my energy output capacity, but it could be another 2 months before that happens. No valsalva still, which means no deadlifts or squats. My heart is not ready for any heavy lower body work. That wont happen until I’m 100% sure I’m ready. In a good place though.

Weekend workout Planning!

Axle OHP (5s eccentric) Up to 8RM, then 2x8 drop sets
Chins & Meadows rows alternating

Ring Pushups R/P

RFESS, work up to the 44 or 62 for a good set, then 5x10 with 26 or 44 if I can manage keeping hr acceptable.
Laterals w/band tension

PJR Pullovers w/band tension 5x10-20
BB Curls w/band tension 5x10-20



Good luck with that! My HR skyrockets when I do these. I suggest resting between each leg.