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2019: A Better IronOne


Hope it goes as it’s supposed.

But it should be, if you can walk and don’t have real pain and shit my guess is that things are alright.

Hawaii sounds great… haven’t planned summer holidays yet.


Had a scare today. Went back to work after a week off, and was in the middle of an interview when I started to get light headed. Next, I started to lose sight in my right eye. I literally could not see the upper right area of my vision. I put two hands up in the air, one left, one right, could not see right hand/arm. I thought for sure I was having a TIA or stroke. I sat down, and it continued to get worse.

I had one of my coworkers drive me to the ER at about 10AM (same place as my cardiologist). They sent me for a CT scan. In the meantime I was texting with my Cardio NP and she was talking to my EP/Cardio who did my ablation. Funny part about all this is at 11:30AM I was supposed to have my 1 week post-op follow up. Well, they all walked to the other end of the hospital to see me and deliver (I guess) good news. Apparently this headache with vision aura/loss happens in about 1.5% of ablation cases. It has to do with a shunt that occurs when entering the heart during the ablation. They said it resolves within 1-6 weeks post-op, but may very well happen again while the hole created in the heart is healing.

Here’s an abstract case that my NP sent me:


That was my Monday :slight_smile:


Woah. Scary. Man, glad to hear that they quickly figured it out…would have been tough to not know what was going on.

Good luck with the recovery, keep us posted.


Thanks Serge. I did some searching here awhile back and saw you posted in some heart related threads.

All good with you? I think I remember you saying PVCs?

I too was an ECA guy. I had probably 2 years where I hit it pretty hard. Still wonder if what I’m dealing with now has anything to do with it. I dont think it does, but I do believe that my heart genetics coupled with as much as I elevate my HR may be part of the problem. I think some people are just genetically predisposed to heart arrhythmias .


Damn that sounds scary, hope you get to feeling better.


Fuark man, what a scare.
Good knowledge that they know about it.
Keep up the good recovery.


OK, the last few days have been great. Good sleep, heart has acted well, and recovery has progressed. Today was my first workout!

2/2/2019 - Chest/Back

Warmed up with quick 3 and arm circles

5 Sec Eccentric Incline Barbell Bench
45x8, 65x8, 85x8, 105x8, 115x8, 125x8, 115x2x8
Unsupported Single Arm DB Row
10x10, 30x10, 40x10, 50x7x10

Ring Pushups

Figured I’d go with more difficult variations to keep the weight down in my recovery. Great to be back in the gym. I’m a few days into my cut. We’ve got several big vacations this year including Hawaii, so I’m going to be right for that. Excited to be lean again. I literally could care less what weight is on the bar anymore. It’s time to look great and perform athletically, 24-7.


I want to say and believe this so much! I’m in the same boat but it’s hard accepting my new gym life. Hopefully I can get past this feeling of being lost or spinning my wheels in the gym.


Hey Iron good to see you back in the gym…
But you take care man, no stepbacks you hear.

@JMaier31 I can lift as I like. It must be hell to be in your shoes. I really hope you find your way. Basketball seems like a good thing to pursue.


You can still kick ass and grow. From what I see you’re doing in your log, you can still do a lot mostly painfree. How about bodybuild the upper and condition/basketball the lower with split squats/lunges for keeping some extra strength in the lower that bball doesn’t provide?

You’ll be just fine. Thank goodness you have that fancy YMCA with all its fancy equipment :slight_smile:


Too late! Kind of.

So, my vision loss and migraines post ablation is clearly intimately connected to the valsalva maneuver, like written in the abstract I posted several posts up. Yesterday, about 30 mins post workout, the aura started again. Loss of vision in right eye, followed by elevated heart rate with PACs. As soon as everything stopped (20-30 mins), a migraine set in and lasted about 4 hours (I took 800mg IB).

So, now that I know this is going to be a recurring thing until the hole heals, clearly, I’ll need to remove all weightlifting (unless I want to deal with the aura migraines). It should go away in less than 4 weeks, per the cases online and literature.

So I’m thinking calorie restrictive diet (really get this cut going), lots of walks, and some no valsalva bodyweight strength training stuff for now.


That’s brutal! Maybe you should try some of my bodybuilding moves. I don’t feel like I’m bearing down too much when I do pump work on the machines.

That’s no joke! I think the glute extension machine is probably going to be better for muscle growth than squats! It also mimics a single leg jumping movement very well. Can you say specificity?

It’s not so much what I can and can’t do; it’s more of a shift in training philosophy. I’ve been mostly performance driven all my lifting life. Even when I’ve been pursuing hypertrophy, I’ve still had some strength goals in mind or at least one lift where I had a strength progression.

I’ve removed strength progression for the time being and it’s just weird structuring a workout. I know I can progress with weight slowly over time on my bodybuilding movements (going from 140 to 160 lbs on rows, for example), but it’s just a different program.

Going in and hitting X weight for Y reps this week and then doing X+5 for Y reps next week is what I’m used to doing. Now I’m going in and just winging it. I know I need to hit certain muscle groups so I pick an exercise and run with it. I might do machine bench for chest and I’ll do 1.5 reps or 21’s reps with 10 full, 10 top half, 10 bottom half. My mindset is more along the lines of CT’s Best Damn program in that I’m chasing metabolic stress and fatigue instead of numbers. It’s hard to measure concretely.

It’s hard to tell if I did better this week than last week, or last month. But at the same time I’m not trying to build anything right now. I’m good with my muscle mass and actually cutting fast. I’m in a maintenance mode for my muscle mass and that doesn’t take near as much effort as building.

It’s freeing my mind a bit. I lifted Friday so I let myself skip yesterday’s session. I’ll do it today. That’s enough for maintenance. I’m just accustomed to more structure so this is a trick transition. I can say I’ve transitioned, but there’s still part of me that wants to train like my old ways.


Who says you’ll never go back to chasing strength? You are just doing something different for now, and that’s good and healthy.

Also, the muscle will take care of itself. Just get close to failure.


Well, I’m 34, going on 35 this year. Nothing says I can’t pursue strength but there are a lot indicators that I shouldn’t pursue strength. And when I say pursue strength I’m thinking about increasing my 1RM on the usual lifts. I supposed I could switch to a 5RM pursuit but that doesn’t fit my new approach either.

I’m done with squats so that doesn’t leave a lot of exercises for leg maxes. There’s no sense in pursuing a 1RM, or 5RM for lunges or split squats.

I’d like to do deadlifts and power cleans again but I don’t think I’ll be chasing 5RM’s on either of those. I can probably pursue power clean 1RM strength because that won’t ever get over 3 plates and I think my hip can handle that. I don’t see any logical reason to pursue my goal of a 600 lb deadlift with my hip. My left hip is beat up. My right hip has a torn labrum right now. Why risk it or speed up the degeneration? Pulling 600 lbs won’t improve my quality of life one bit.

Like I said previously, a lot of this is mindset. I’m trying to change the way my brain views training and it’s going to take a while. Strength is measured in a lot of different ways, but my brain is focused on a few very specific methods right now. I just need time to adjust.

This is starting to look like my training log. Sorry for the hijack!


I appreciate the info, post away. Very much lines up with my goals and where I’m headed. And I agree, it relieves a lot of stress. It’s almost comical that we’ve voluntarily put ourselves through a lot of the mental and physical anguish.

Here’s my workout for the day. Currently on a walk that I hope I can make about an hour. Hopefully no post aura migranes!!

Warmup with rolling and quick 3.

KB Curls

Could barely keep my heart rate below 120. It’s just not ready for any exertion yet. I get cold chills and dizzy with exertion. Will keep modifying down if I need to, but this is hopefully my threshold. Still, had to take rest and let my heart chill otherwise it would have been night night time.


2/5/2019 - Shoulders/Arms

Warmed up with Arm circles and quick 3.

Axle OHP
25x2x8, 55x8, 75x8, 95x8, 105x8, 95x2x8

Tempo Skullcrushers
35x40, 45x20, 55x15, 65x10

Band Pressdowns
25, 15, 15

It’s tough to lift with no valsalva!! Have not had any more vision episodes, and so far clear after this workout (was about 1.5 hours ago). Will probably go valsalvaless for a few weeks, just bc I dont like going blind and having a migraine from the shunt. All good though, I’m glad to be able to do something. The good news is my body felt great, and I had much more energy than a few days ago. Perhaps I’m turning a corner.


2/7/2019 - Legs

Warmup with rolling and quick 3

45x3x5, 75x8, 95x8, 115x8, 135x8, 155x8, 145x8, 135x8
10x10, 30x10, 40x5x10

Ab Wheel

Testing out lower body. Success. I think I’m ok to start ramping back up slowly.


Take it easy Iron, take it easy.
Give the body time to heal, lift nice and easy weights focus on technique and low stress.


2/9/2019 - Chest/Back

Warmup with rolling, quick 3, arm circles

Axle Floor Press
25x2x6, 55x6, 75x6, 105x6, 125x6, 145x6, 165x6, 185x6, 200x6, 170x10, 125x20
Chest Supported DBs Row
10x10, 30x10, 40x10, 50x10x10

Feet Up Ring Pushup

I’ll take it. Hopefully no post workout issues. HR would not come down towards the end which tells me I should have cut the workout a bit sooner. Walking now, need to try and burn more cals before I destroy a pizza tonight. You know, it’s national pizza day.


Did not know it was National Pizza Day, but as luck would have it…IN.