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2018 Transformation - Giantandre

Starting my 2018 Transformation Challenge

Current Status - FAT

Stats - Jan 1 2018 - (halftime of the Rose Bowl)
Age: 47 - Jan 24 1970
Height: 6’9"
Weight: 300.4

Measurements: -
With Tape Measure
Man Boobs - 51 "
Belly Button - 51.75"
Waist - 44"
Back of Upper Arm - 8 (cm?)
Under Shoulder Blade - 26
Side - 30

I feel ya on that current status. Is your Man Boobs (Moobs) measurement your chest? What does the “Back of Upper Arm” mean? You should measure your full arm if you didn’t Also, it think you should measure both arms and both thighs, about 6" above your knee.

Pics - (taken at halftime of Rose Bowl)

Jan 2 –

Rest Day –

Jan 3 -

Leg Press 5x6 @ 360
Leg Curls 4x10 @ 145
Leg Ext 4x10 @ 115
seated bi - curls 4x8 @45
weighted back extension 4x10

Cardio - uphill walking 3x10min
1 x 10min cool down

Working back into legs – with the injuries that I have I’m trying to work my way back into the squat rack. Its been about 6 months and I dont feel confident in my left knee. Hoping a good 20lb weight loss will help with that, so I’m holding off on squats until I hit 280lbs.

AM weight 297.4

Also wanted to post on how I wanted to attack this 5 months (144 days from Jan 3 through May 27th)

From Jan 3 through Feb 28th is all about fat loss while keeping as much muscle as possible
This is 8 full weeks … Should average a loss of 2.5lbs a week to get to 280lbs. Lots of lifting and walking.

March 1 - April 1 I want to complete a Whole 30 https://whole30.com/
along with a high rep lifting plan. While adding in sprinting type work. (My injuries prevent a lot off sprinting) - While the Whole 30 isnt a weight loss plan, I feel that a 10 - 14 lbs weight loss during that period should be about right.

April 2 - April 11 - Lift HEAVY

April 11 - April 14 - Short Vacation - planned in advance - but a good time to reassess goals and put myself in a great position to hit the last 6 weeks hard

April 15 - May 27 - A heavy lifting plan mixed with swimming,boxing, and getting tanned :slight_smile: – Hoping to look what Mark Bell likes to call “Jacked and Tan”

Note on my injuries: - I’m sure anyone of my age who has played sports and trained at any intensity has a myriad of injuries and I’m no exception.

In 2006 I ruptured my right Achilles Tendon playing basketball - Insurance decided that surgery was “optional” so it never healed correctly. It wasn’t the most painful injury ever but still to this day I have balance and range of motion issues, and my right calf is much smaller then my left calf. This took almost a full year to get back to point I could run and play basketball again.

In Jan of 2010 (4 days before my 40th birthday) I ruptured both of my Patella Tendons (yup…both knees were destroyed) . This was an incredibly devastating injury, I was in my bed for 7 weeks, took 11 weeks to get to the point where I could walk with out aid of a walker and another 8 weeks till I could walk without a cane. I have beautiful scars on both knees :smile:
I have never really been able to run again, and obviously my basketball days are over. Up until then if I decided I needed to loose weight I would just start playing basketball every night.

So these injuries are just part of life, everyone has them, but it does change the kind of cardio I can do and I have to be really careful in the squat rack and dead-lifting.

Good Luck to everyone!!! -


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I’ll be following this. Good luck mate. Up and at ‘em

Jan 4th

AM weight - 297.2

Old School Bro Chest and Tri day

Dumbbell Press (slight incline) 4x8 @ 70 lb
Cable Tri kick - 4x8 35lbs
cable face pull 4x12 85lbs
Bench 10x1 , 8x1, 6x1, 4x1, 2x1 at 135,155,185,195,225
(props to my wife for hitting her PR again of 85lbs x2 after being sick for 2 weeks)
Dip Machine (ugh cant wait to be thinner so I can do real dips) 4x8 @250lbs

3x10 min uphill walk
1x10min cool down

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Jan 5th

AM Weight 269.8

Giantandre and Wife workout

10 min uphill walk x3
10x10 Kettlebell Swings 44lbs
6x10 Hip-thrusters 185lbs
4x8 seated curls 45lbs
4x30sec planks

1x10 min cool down

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Jan 6th (Jan 5th PM 30 min walk)

AM weight 296.8

AM Work out (1st double day)

2x10 min uphill walk
Ab workout
4x8 decline press with pause 135lbs
4x10 cable flys
tri kick back tri pull down superset 4x8

Jan 6th PM

1x12 min uphill walk
6x30sec plank
1x10min stair-master s
6x6 leg raises

Swim Sprint 10x fast as possible freestyle 1 way then breaststroke back

Its hard to believe how much has been lost in from Sept through end of Dec in fitness … But just have to put the head down and work

Jan 7th

AM Weight 298.2 (bummer since I’ve eaten clean this week, but I know the scale can lie to you)

Best workout since I’ve started this. Also best night of sleep 8+ hours and not restless
Wanted to deadlift but the gym was packed. Surprising since I went right when the Jags v Bills game started, thought the gym bros would be watching the game

1x10 min uphill walk
4x5 min uphill walk
4x15 face pulls 190lbs (seemed really light – dont think it was labeled correctly)
Superset 5x5 hang cleans 135lbs with 5x5 kettlebell swings at 58lbs
5x5 kettlebell swings 63lbs
4x6 dumbell rows 75lbs
1x10, 1x8, 4x5 lat pull downs 160,180,195lbs
ab workout

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I’ll follow this bro. Keep grinding.

Jan 8th

AM weight 298.2 (feeling really bloated today - weird)

3x10 min uphill walk
weighted back extensions 4x8
Dumbell press (slight incline) 4x8 75lbs
Tri pull downs 4x10 60lbs (new machine in our gym)
Bench (incline was being used - whats up with so many people in the gym at 5am - new year I guess) 4x6 185lbs
Dip Machine 4x8 250lbs
Ab workout

Going to have my last beer (haven’t had any since Jan 1) in honor of the Bama v UGA game …

No AM workout tomorrow – have a Dr’s appointment to get my blood work done and a physical. Will post stats

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Jan 9th

No AM workout

Doctor appointment today - Physical, Blood Panel etc

Will post stats - I have a 2nd appointment on the docket for last week of May to have comparison done.

Will get a PM workout in.

Jan 10th

AM Weight 296.2

Jan 9th PM workout

3x10min uphill walk
Ab workout
4x6 dumbell rows 75lbs
5x5 seated row 195lbs
4x8 1 arm cable rows
5x5 seated curls 45lbs
4x8 weighted back extensions

Jan 10th AM workout (really tight low back had to do prolonged stretching)

1x10 and 1 x5 uphill walk
4x8 back extensions
4x8 leg curls 145lbs
4x10 leg extension 115lbs
4x10 legpress (had to use crappy machine) 235lbs
4x8 Arnold press 45lbs
4x8 1 arm lat raises 30lbs

finisher 8x8 kettlebell swings 48lbs

Hope for a PM workout today

Jan 11th

AM weight 296.8

JAN 10 PM workout

6x5 dead-lift 225lbs
6x5 push press 95lbs (WEAK SHOULDER)
6x5 hammer curls 55lbs
6x5 shoulder shrugs 100lb
1x10min uphill walk cool down

JAN 11 AM workout

2x10 min uphill walk
4x12 face pulls 70lbs
4x8 1 arm dumbbell press 70lbs
4x8 tri pull downs (rope) 70lbs
1x12 1x10 4x4 bench 135, 175, 205,

8x8 kettlebell swings 48lbs

Jan 12th

AM weight 295.6

AM Workout - tough to get moving today … needed a lot of stretching

2x10 min uphill walk
4x8 back extensions
ab workout
2x8 4x6 legpress 270lbs and 360lbs
4x8 kettlebell swings 48lbs
3x10 hip-thrusters 185lbs

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Jan 13th

Routine was off because I had to give blood at 8am and fast, so I went to bed late and woke up late (7am - normally a 4:30 wake up on weekdays and 6am on weekends) …

They took way more blood then I expected so my plan on going to workout after the appointment was a no-go.


kettlebells 4x8 at 44lbs 4x4 at 53lbs 4x4 at 62lbs
pushpress 4x8 95lbs 2x6 at 105lbs 2x4 at 115lbs - shoulder felt good but didnt want to push it
seated rows 5x5 at 190lbs
seated incline dumbbell curls at 2x8 2x6 2x4 at 40/45/50 lbs
back extensions

2x10 uphill walking

headache stopped the workout but starting to feel like I can do a lot more

Jan 14th

AM workout

3x10 uphill walk
4x8 unweighted 4x6 weighted back extension
4x10 air squats
5x5 sumo deadlift 245lbs
6x8 leg extensions 105/115/135 lbs (knees felt very good - promising)
5x5 shrugs 100lbs
5x5 hammer curls 60lbs
5x8 wrist curls 55lbs