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2018 NFL Thread


They’re gonna be a good team next year that’s for sure.


Lmao I live in Cleveland and honestly kinda impressed of the browns this year.


Proof that being a Jets fan is the worst thing in the world: the year I should be psyched about getting a guard and a talented RB, I’m sitting around being jealous of the Browns.

I’m also not that psyched on getting Bell in the first place, but if he can produce like he has for 2 years, it was worth it. Of course, he may have slightly worse blocking. Or a lot worse. Like, the worst in the league.


I will definitely not be the guy drafting Bell for his fantasy team next year. I was thinking Bell is probably on the decline, might have a good year or two left tops…now I’m convinced he’s done LMAO!

Dude in charge of the Browns is seriously kicking butt imo. I’m a Giants fan who is all for trading OBJ, but for a frickin’ bag of peanuts??? !!!


It would be poetic justice if he bombed with the Jets.

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If he stays healthy he’s a dynamic runner. How good is the jets O line? His runs take an extra second to develop while he skips along and looks for a hole.


Totally agree.

Bell is very agile, but his speed and “burst” metrics are average at best. I daresay his running style is particularly O line dependent.

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I think that can be said for a lot of guys. It’s funny how often you’ll see a guy get hurt and then TBD backup has an All Pro season.

The announcers will say crap like “It’s amazing how they draft and develop running backs.” How about someone says the truth? “It’s amazing how good their O line is; just about anyone can run behind them.”

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The Jets o line was abysmal last year. They picked up a good guard, but Le’Veon may soon learn just how much he owed to his O-line, and how much he let them down by not showing up for a season where he was getting paid twice as much as any of them. I do want him to succeed, as a Jets fan, but outside of selfish fandom, him failing would be, as I said, poetic justice.

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I don’t root against him. I think he gambled and lost. At least he said it was about guaranteed money the whole time and acted like a man about it.

My thing is, he was happy with his contract until Gurley got his. Bell was the highest paid RB in the league before that.

But Gurley is better in nearly every way than Bell. Hell Bell has only finished 2/5 seasons with the Steelers due to drug suspensions and injuries.

Bell does catch the ball out of the backfield better than Gurley. I’ll give him that. He gets that 3 yard dump ball after chipping somebody… he’s off to the damn races.


This is what’s wrong with America. I love watching sports. I love playing sports. I have zero sympathy for these athletes who want $10 million a year for six years instead of $20 million for two years (just a simple numerical example).

I work a job where I could get killed just for showing up (I know, I chose it) for $50k a year. If these guys can’t make a few million last a lifetime then they deserve to be broke.

They demand more money and long contracts because football is dangerous. Well, guess what - they chose it.


They can demand that because they are the reason we watch. The NFL is a multi billion dollar business. The owners can’t just run down to the local Y and hire 22 scrubs to play a game. The consumers have come to expect amazing play from world class athletes.

Look at it this way. There are probably 100 people or less in the US that are good enough to be starting running backs in the NFL (only 32 spots). There are 850,0000 law enforcement officers in the US. It’s not that they’re worth more than cops, it’s just supply/demand.


I disagree. I would definitely go play!

In terms of supply and demand, I actually think some NFL players overrate themselves. Bell is a perfect example.

“I’m not going to play because I’m worth more than you want to pay me.”

Enter Connor and the Steelers don’t miss a beat at running back. I think NFL RB’s are a dime a dozen. I can think of a lot of great backs who have come and gone in five seasons or less (some stick around but they’re no longer high profile or productive). And now most teams are running two or three backs.

And it’s tough to compare my profession to anything because we don’t generate revenue. We’re the service industry. I was just comparing the argument of “pay me more money because this is dangerous”. That one kind of applies. And don’t think that tickets and arrests generate revenue for police. The courts and local government might get some money but it really just pays for all of the personnel involved in the process. I could write 50 tickets a day or zero and my paycheck doesn’t change. Hell, the Department’s budget won’t change either.

And on the supply and demand argument. I think more people want to be an NFL running back than those who want to be cops. :wink: Hell, I’m a cop and I’d love to be a tight end.

If anything, this discussion about Bell, AB, and OBJ has actually revealed how undervalued the offensive line is. If they don’t do their job then RBs don’t pad the stat sheet and QBs don’t have time to throw the ball to guys like AB and OBJ. This season will reveal just that as we follow Bell’s luck in NY.

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I don’t think the issue is who wants to be one, it’s who can be one (and is therefore worth paying).

It’s the same with the head coaches. A lot of people want to be a coach, but the few who are good at it get paid because there are only a few who are reliably good.

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This could easily be in the “Things That Make You Chuckle” thread, but watching Antonio Brown dig himself into a hole in the social media universe is pretty entertaining, I have no idea what he’s trying to accomplish going after Juju, he’s just lookin’ like a crotchety old man, ha, still worth some good laughs, though!


Amazing athlete
Amazing work ethic
Amazing prima Donna

One too many helmet to helmet impacts. Will be funny to see the first time he assaults a Gatorade cooler when Carr doesn’t see him open.

Hope he stops assaulting his baby momma and hurling furniture.


Did you read the article that reporter wrote about him that caused him to threaten the reporter? It was basically an expose of his social media antics, and despite being petty, it was obviously spot on. The guy is not a good person.


Singularly obsessed, achievement oriented people are usually pretty crazy.


Nothing says “I deserve a raise” like refusing to do your job.


Not a big fan of union strikes I see. (Kidding)