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2018 NFL Thread


That…really wasn’t holding.


BB done adjusted. Fuck Brady gets 6 unless Goff starts playing .


Belichick set the trap nicely/ experience coming through. Goff looking very young


He pooped the bed. Everyone else on the rams played a good game. Holding the Patriots to 10… that’s unreal.


Fuck Goff.


‘Twas a boring game.


Yep Goff and offence first team to fail to score a touchdown since 71!


The look on the Rams’ coach face. He was bamboozled by BB.


So… we really watched Mahomes drop 50 TDs and 5000 yards, Gurley play at an MVP level, Brees break records, Aaron Donald grabs 20 sacks

and… the Patriots win again.:laughing:

Got to give it to those white boyzz- ‘broken’ Gronk is Goddamn clutch making that play under triple coverage


The only good thing that came out of the super bowl was the feud between light beers and Big Corn.


The mountain crushed bud knight’s head. That was pretty cool.


Ya, that was a cool tie in


Unpopular Opinion: I enjoyed the Super Bowl, and love watching a dominant player and/or coach continue to dominate, as a (former) competitor, if you don’t like what someone’s doing, stop them from doing that and if you can’t, then don’t piss and moan when you lose (in general). I am by no means a Pats fan (Dolphins fan since Ace Ventura and Dan Marino saved the mascot in the 90s), but watching the hate that Brady and BB get is laughable to me.


That’s because you get it.

BTW, I hope your new coach kills it … I hope y’all lose only 3 games next year


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(Local East Tennessee Hero) Jason Witten out of retirement and back with the Cowboys next season!

America’s Team ALWAYS in the news!


Kyler Murray to the dolphins. You heard it here first (probably not)


Eric DeCosta be like:



Not to mention their defense.

On paper they should be 10 wins easy.