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2018 NFL Thread



Andy Reid is great at what he does. But…!!!

So, on that final drive in OT, Romo is saying, man that defense is looking tired (this is when it’s goal to go, and NE is obviously going to be running it down KC’s throat); Jim frickin’ Nance, pro announcer, says, maybe KC should call a timeout to give the defense a quick rest? Romo says, great idea! Cue the camera to Andy Reid…-staring at the field like a deer caught in the headlights…


I was thinking they should call a timeout right before they said that. There’s three timeouts available and running out of time isn’t really a concern right now… They should’ve put about 15 guys out there to see if the refs caught it. They missed everything else yesterday LOL


Re Romo
Told wifey “l wish Romo could have made all those reads when he was playing, instead of throwing interceptions at crunch time.”


I’d imagine it’s a completely different animal when you have a 300lb animal bearing down on you who can run a 4.6 40 looking to tear your head off…I’d imagine the margin of error in those situations is slightly larger than when you’re in a cushy, climate-controlled booth

But I get your point :slight_smile:


Not to mention the viewpoint. There’s probably a reason they use photos from the booth when they’re breaking down the defense on the sidelines on those fancy tablets.


Romo - great sportscaster. Jason Witten - worst ever.


Pro bowl QB matchup is what I wanted for the SB. I’m not usually interested in it, but will watch tomorrow.


This is kinda cool


I’d like to see his success rate compared to a coordinator’s prediction rate for comparison…

68% is pretty damn good


In defense of actual coaches I’ll say he has the benefit of instant replay and a bird’s eye view.

Oh, wait. Coaches can do that too if they want.


He calls it live before it happens … I think that’s what they were measuring … his ability to accurately predict what’s going to happen on field before it is actually played


I know that, but at least some of that is based off patterns he sees. I’ve seen him do it but it’s not on the first drive. He sees how they’re playing and sees the pattern and calls the next play. He’s good.

It’s frustrating to watch him call the play during your team’s game and seeing no adjustment from the coaching staff.


I gotcha


This is exactly why Dan Quinn should’ve been fired after losing the Super Bowl. He’s supposed to be the defensive guru, and Troy Aikman had “zone” or “man to man” figured out to start the 2nd half; nothing changed, Brady scored on every 2nd half drive, rest is history, literally.


So… any way the Rams pull out a win today? On paper the Rams are better. But playin BB and the GOAT…


Refball already on what would have made it 3rd and 20. They can’t even get the guys number right… or the call. No crown of the helmet there.

Never rooted for Suh before. Feels weird.




Are you kidding? Brady has been hit like 5 times. This is gold. Talib chest bumped him into the turf. Donald threw his old ass around (hail to Pitt).

Goff is playing like a freshman loser noob. Hopefully he gets some inspiration at half.

Halftime prediction: Bellichick adjusts.

Where is Gurley???


Where was that halftime show when San Fransisco was in the SB?


3-3 should have bet the under!!!